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Thanks for the reply MVMAC.  Not sure of the answers on both, is there a way I can find out?
Hello Everyone!   I have been in and out of the golf scene for a few years now.  When I was at my first set of golf lessons, the instructor urged me to buy my first set of Irons; a $600 set of Nike Irons.    From there, I bought a bag and started buying a driver (R9) followed by my 3 Wood and 5 Wood, both Taylor Made.   These clubs are way beyond my playing grade.  They are not forgiving.   I am wondering if I should put these clubs away and invest in a beginner...
Can't beat that!!!
I bought mine for under $20 with shipping on eBay.
I have been using my Flip Cam.  After reading your post, I am not sure if that is the best camera to use.  It is HD though.
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