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I don't have video of my golf swing, but I do have 3 complete bowling games recorded!   My bowling form resembles my golf form.....UGLY to look at...but effective!!!  I can share if anyone wants to see it.....LOL
I hate fall golf because of what it represents......the end of PRIME GOLF SEASON.  The days are getting shorter and the window of opportunity to play a "quick 18" after work during the week is quickly closing.  I also need/want to play early on the weekends, and the frost season is quickly approaching!!!!!!    We haven't had a frost delay yet, but it's coming!  If the frost delay is long, I will skip playing or play less than 18 so I can stay on schedule..........so can...
This is an oldie but goodie.....    3rd Hole Par3 at Drumm Farm Golf Club:   178yd 7-iron......the greens were just aerated hence all the sand....    The ball hit just close enough to knock the hole slightly out of round........ the ball didn't stop very close though......it was an easy 2 putt par from about 10ft behind the cup.....LOL
My take on some of the golf shoes I've owned in the past 5 years.   Nike:  TW2009   These were surprisingly comfortable, but whoever came up with the idea for a partial canvas upper should be shot.  These didn't hold up for very long.        Nike SP6: These were comfy!  Circa 2010'ish.......   Adidas ADIPURE...circa 2010'ish... These shoes were probably the highest quality shoe I've ever owned aside from some Footjoy classics I owned in the 1990s.  (those...
I can't imagine anyone wanting to maintain a natural grass putting green!!   With all the excellent artificial options these days, why do all that work?      If I wanted a green, I'd hire somebody to install an artificial one.   No doubt about it....
I played a ridiculous round of golf today.  Stone Canyon 73.2CR 141slope.................36-46=82!! My outward 9 was an effortless even par score.     I continued to hit the ball well on the back, but got horrible results.     This is how the back 9 went....... 10:  554yd par5................easy par 11: 137yd par3: I hit a crisp 9-iron that spun 20 feet down off the front of the green.  I had a 30 footer with about 10ft of break............3 putt from the fringe:...
I don't think a wrench will fix anybody's misses.  
I like Lexi, but those photo's made me cringe.   I know she's 19, but she is still that little girl in my eyes. 
I've been closer       This close:
I think adjustable clubs do more harm than good for 99.5% of golfers.   My 2 cents....     I keep mine set to neutral at all times. 
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