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..................this is a BS feminist rant that offers plenty of accusations, but no detail.   I still call BS on this article.  It's made-up bullshit from beginning to end.   I'm not buying what they are trying to sell as a story.  This story is much like the many stories seen on a yahoo main page.   Most headlines are BS articles written to mislead to get a click.............nothing more. 
I'm not buying it..........     Not the BS fake photo with a model with her tits falling out.........or the story. 
My last 2 club purchases were of the 'point and click' variety!     I misjudged the cold wind this morning and I was slightly underdressed for the round so I picked up a pretty sweet pullover windbreaker at the pro-shop. 
It's already that green in a place that far north?   Or are these spring pics from last year...LOL
I've never hit anybody that I know of...............   I've been yelled at a couple of times for hitting into people that were in an area that was blind to my sightline, but I was never told I hit anyone.    I've been hit twice!!  I was hit in the back of the head with a 1 hopper from long range right behind the ear.  It hit just hard enough that I took a step forward, but it must have hit a good spot because it didn't hurt in spite of a lump.    I also was hit on the...
I played my 11th March round of golf today(played 36 today)......... add 3 rounds from January and I am up to 14 rounds for the year.    Not bad for a working stiff living in the Midwest!!  
I didn't vote......   I can appreciate what the article is trying to achieve, but I am more in the belief that skill level should be the single biggest factor when choosing tees and not driver distance.  Driver distance matters, but this shouldn't be the key criteria.  
LOL......ball........meet shaft!   No wonder it broke!   Sheesh!
KC winters SUKK!!!.....but I guess we don't have it as bad as others!      I played 4 times in January.............Zero in Feb....and already 9 times in March!!   Oh,and hell yes...I am playing this weekend too!!   I do feel your pain............those who are still without golf!!  I really do!!   (better you than me) LOL
Day'am strait! The look at address fits my eye to a T!!   Loving these clubs!!   I'd replace my Razr Fit 5-wood now too, but this same design isn't available in a 5wood!!  I do hit my Razr Fit 5wood pretty well, but I'd dump it in a minute if Callaway made an BB Alpha 815 version of it. At this time, they do not!!  Big mistake........ for now, the RazrFit 5-wood stays. PS...the funny thing to me is I am acting like a Callaway HOMER!   I bought a Callaway FT-5 driver...
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