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Most any golfer worth a darn can hit it both ways................ most favor a direction, but they can go the other way when the shot dictates.   Even Bruce Lietzke could do it....even though he rarely did because he never thought he needed to because he had so much trust in his 'go-to' shot.
This reminds me of a complete unrelated and equally uncomfortable topic......................while on a family vacation at WDW of all places!!!  I am with my wife and 2 small children.......   This was 10yrs ago so the exact memories are fuzzy....what I remember best is the extremely awkward moment!!!   It's lunchtime at WDW. it's peak summer,  and everybody is hot and bothered.  My family waits in A LONG line to order lunch at a counter-service restaurant inside the...
Heck,I was wondering why he had a propane tank sitting on the deck in the snow...........LOL
I have 12 eagles on par4s, 1 ace, and too many par5 eagles to count.......  I voted 20+.....with ease.
I would have voted "all of the above" in the poll if the option was given. 
I agree with your sentiments....Cost:   For those who really want to play, there are tons of public course membership/patron pass opportunities for golfers on a modest budget.  Golfers that aren't aware of the plethora of membership options available to them only have themselves to blame for not looking.   Time:  this is a BS excuse too......any golfer can carve out some time to play either early or late when you have the course to yourself.   I normally play at 630am...
I never had a lessorn nor do I ever practice and I made it to scratch before. I haven't hit a bucket of balls since 1995.........LOL Practice is like work while playing is.....PLAYING! I like to play...     Some people have the knack/talent for the game while others don't. Some individuals can practice regularly, play often, take lessons, and still be lucky to reach bogey golf after many years of playing. Others.......they can pick up the game and be single digit almost...
Stick a fork in my golf season....... I'm pretty much done!   I can't play mon-fri due to it being pitch black by 5pm...LOL   I normally play on the weekends all winter long until my son and I started bowling together.   It's no problem most of the year because I can play early enough to do both.   The father/son time gets top priority because I only have a short window of opportunity to enjoy these moments with my son.  Soon...he will grow up and I will have the rest of...
55 degrees in Idaho, isn't that shorts weather for most locals?   LOL
Temps in the 30s is a no brainer if the sun is out and the wind is down.  Very comfortable........    If I had the day off with that weather, I'd definitely play!
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