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it's the beer talking now......LOL
I agree the PGA players are much better in all respects, but we are comparing a scratch golfer AM hack to LPGA tour players.   Stats are such a fine line that a very small margin separates the #1 putter on the PGA from the #20putter.       On the other hand, I suggest there is a much bigger difference between the #20 putter on PGA and or a Stacy Lewis....and an amateur hack weekend golfer that carries a 0 HC.   It's much more than just a GIR putting number.  It's putts...
I agreed to your comment that a scratch golfer doesn't average 75...or whatever the number was, because his stroke average will be higher We disagree on a lot...............Look at Pinehurst for example for the womens and mens US open.   For 1 thing, the women can really putt!!   You are selling them short.  Their overall short games are light-years beyond that of a scratch golfer.  If a scratch golfer played a 72 hole event on the LPGA, his average 72 hole score (if there...
LOL.... Corporal Clutch is the man!!
I disagree..... chads been the focal point only because he's played in EVERY elimination challenge and set all 4 players home.    Had he won immunity with the opportunity to coast, he'd be a wallflower in the background. This is how it is every year, and this season is no different.   I was sad to see Tyler go home because he was hilarious.   Tyler deserved the attention he got because he was the most entertaining of the cast members.  Did anybody catch the 5 minute...
Scores like these won't earn a CENT on the LPGA tour.............and don't kid yourself thinking that by moving 1 set of tees closer will make a big difference, because it wont.    This is my GHIN screen from when I got to a 0.  A Zero HC isn't even good enough to be competitive on the Big Break golf show!!    High HC golfers are misguided in their perceptions of what it means to be a zero HC. 
A scratch golfer wouldn't have a chance...........   High HC golfers can't comprehend how wide the gap is from carrying a zero HC..............all the way to professional golf. 
I agree..... I was scratch on a course rated 75.1/141 7100yds and with a 77.8 scoring average.    I was trying to be extremely generous considering the LPGA plays from 6500yds on courses rated 72CR.  LOL
A male scratch golfer would have his clock cleaned on the LPGA tour and would NOT be remotely competitive.   Lets not forget a scratch golfer will average 75-77 even from the tees ladies play on tour.   There is a huge difference between 0HC and scoring average. 
Oh yes.....the BB Alpha815 3-wood has arrived! Of course the weather is horrible and my next round of golf is nowhere in sight!!     This should go well with the Big Bertha Alpha driver that was added to my bag at the end of last year.  I'm looking forward to playing!!
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