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Phil McGleno
It's a combination of great physique body type and utilizing the ground forces properly in a powerful way.
  Yes, there are students that have too much shaft lean at impact (such as me), and tends to hit the long irons too low to have optimal trajectory. It's worse when the AoA is really shallow with too much shaft lean, because you'll often have too low spin and low launch to have sufficient carry.
First of all (I'm referencing from SAM PuttLab), topspin is the best spin you can use in putting. Topspin is an effect from the Rise Angle (AoA in putting) being higher than Effective Loft (loft at impact). 2 degrees loft at impact and >2 degrees upward rise angle is desired by SAM PuttLab experts on Stimp 10 or higher greens.  
Have face pointing left of the target at impact, with the path MORE left than that. Simple.
I'm a practicer, just trying to finish hitting all the P's and fit the model alignments consistently before I play competitively! ;)
I've done some research on carbon steel, and how their softness is graded on the SAE scale (such as 0.25% carbon = 1025 carbon steel, or 0.20% carbon = 1020 carbon steel) and how the material can be affected through various forging processes (Endo, Miura, etc.).   Could it be possible to forge an EXTREMELY low carbon steel, like 1005 (the lowest)? And which process is the best forging process over any JDM, OEM forging process?
Well, darn it! :) Okay, James is CF!
Here is the best pattern of all-time: P1: Major anterior posture (think Adam Scott in early 2000's) and feet are NOT flared outward. Grip is not structured. P2: Hand path is the most up, already up on the shoulder plane, with the clubhead toe up. Your head should already move about 3 inches at this point. P3: Right knee flex is still at its original P1 flex (think Corey Pavin) because it gives you more power (PA's are BS). Hand path is still going up past the shoulder...
Bubba turns his hips the most on Tour and he hits it the farthest. Corey Pavin restricts his hips the most on Tour and he hits it the shortest.
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