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  I'd echo this. Though I usually use what I'm able to find while waiting for the next group to tee off, I really like the e6 ones I've used; more so than even Pro V1s.
My brother had the same needs for a bag as you, and went with this Ogio Grom bag: http://www.tgw.com/customer/category/product.jsp?SUBCATEGORY_ID=15975&PROD_ID=14476951&CID=MC&LNK=MC-BSH&mr:referralID=e299dc40-d4bd-11e0-891e-001b2166c2c0   I see the clubs get stuck a little here and there when we're out playing, but for the most part he's been very happy with his purchase. Good luck in your search!
Sweet, thanks Zeph. Looking forward to trying this out tonight. It's really good to hear that I can take them on/off until I get something that I like.  
Can anyone offer some advice how to build up these grips? I have pretty large hands and want something bigger for my right hand (I'm right-handed). I've heard I can just slap a couple layers of blue painter's tape over my old tape. Is this the best way? Will the grips go on as easily if I build it up? I bought the blue ones btw... Probably should have got a midsize, I know.
Take a look at the Burners. Now that the 2.0 version is out, a buddy of mine was able to get a new set of the first version (4-PW, AW) real cheap, like <$250. After seeing what it takes to get clubs to your country though, you might have to start looking used. I like my Titleist 762s a lot, but I guess they're considered super old these days.   Since you like your Callaways, why not get them reshafted? Could be the cheapest option of all unless you have to have a new...
This. I want to mark a one down. When I first saw this thread I was ready to say HIO no question, but the comments definitely had me changing my opinion. But no, I want the uno.     Wondering...Do you have to buy your foursome a drink if you double-eagle/albatross??    
  Two things I'm hoping: 1.) That this was on TV or 2.) failing that, that you are no longer in the bay area, because I might have to move if I shared the same state with you.     /Heads out to local lake to practice skipping a 4 iron...
I don't keep a 5 wood in my bag, but I have a 18* 2 Hybrid (Cobra Baffler TWS) that works pretty well for what you're describing. Maybe take a look at a 2H/3H with less loft?     And oh yeah, GO BEARS!!!
Good stuff, seems worth trying next time out. I don't keep a wood in my bag; usually it's 2 hybrid or 3 iron mishits from here. I agree that the tough part will be putting aside the ego that thinks I can make the shot I want. (Which probably happens <10% of the time).  
  How does this end up working? You summed me up pretty well here too... wondering... would i benefit from going with clubs I'm more confident in and sally-up most times?  
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