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I really want to take the game more seriously this year.  I have been dinking and dunking around for kicks and giggles for almost 3 years now. The game is still very enjoyable to me, but I want to actually get better.  I'm going to invest in some lessons, get fit for clubs (finally), and start working toward a consistent, repeatable swing.
Just don't punch yourself WHILE wearing the new Oakleys.  Replacement lenses can get pricey 
I don't have prescription lenses, but I firmly stand behind the oakley flak jacket xlj glasses. I use the black polarized lenses on really bright days, but I also have the G30 lenses which are phenomenal...but they don't block out the sun as well as the black polarized lenses. I have played with the G30s on really sunny days, and did not struggle to see fwiw
I must admit...when you guys break 100, I feel like I'm breaking 100.  We're a team!  LOL
sounds good to me!  safe travels bro...hit em straight
What courses you playing in myrtle?
Found one!  LOL   Tommy "Two Gloves" Gainey...he uses a baseball grip.  He also uses two gloves.   Now, this just happens to be a coincidence, but I also use two gloves.  I played baseball all the way through college, so I'm sure that a big part of the reason that I use the modified baseball grip is due to my familiarity with that grip from my days of swinging a bat.  I'm not saying it makes it right.  I'm not saying it makes it the best.  But I have had lessons from...
I play CT Myers, Larkhaven, and the Tradition...all in charlotte
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