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I was always told/taught that you pick it up on "double par". That's NOT double bogey! Double par keeps you moving. Now that I'm tracking my scores, I tend to play em out regardlessPar 3...max score = 6Par 4...max score = 8Par 5...max score = 10
Friday, June 5th. FINALLY...after several attempts, I finally cracked 100! I shot a 99, and that was with a freakin 4 putt on the final hole (don't ask). My drives stayed in the fairway or barely into the first cut. My approach shots were landing near the green, and I even had some GIRs. When I did miss the green, I landed some nice pitch shots. My putting was abysmal. I 4 putted once, and 3 putted a few times. I had a streak of like 7 holes where I shot par or bogey. Then...
nice work rrives
I got a great deal on a Nike Covert 2.0 for 125 bucks. I play with a guy who has a Cobra Bio Cell, and he LOVES it. And he BOOMS the ball
I just downloaded the Game Golf app on my phone. At first, I didn't want to download it because I figured I would need the Game Golf device (the belt attachment and club sensors), but this seemed to work really well without em. It tracked my shots and was pretty easy to use. I still think I prefer Hole 19, but I was thoroughly impressed with the Game Golf app as well
another vote for Hole 19... they just launched an android version a few months ago after only having an iPhone version for the longest
I have some Oakley Flak Jacket XLJs with the G30 lenses and I love them. My dad gave me some flak (pun intended) about wearing them while playing, claiming that I was "going Hollywood" on him, but I struggle with major eye fatigue and really dry eyes when the wind blows even a little bit. The sunglasses help with both issues. And they look damn good!!
Even before I begin, I already realize that this is going to sound like a commercial... So I just completed a 3-day golf school at the Dana Rader Golf School in charlotte. It was all day Friday, all day Saturday, and half a day on Sunday. It was an amazing experience, and they don't spend a ton of time trying to completely overhaul your swing. Instead, their philosophy is to take your swing and focus on one or two adjustments. I will admit that it seemed kinda corny at...
Okay, so I have floated in and out of this thread since the beginning. And I have heard of Game Golf on a number of occasions. But this was the first time that I actually clicked on one of those links where it shows how your round was recorded...SUPER FREAKING COOL!! Welp, I know what I'm going to be purchasing next!
+1 on the Hole19 app. It's now available on android but I never had any issues on my iPhone
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