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After wearing some cheapo golf shoes for the last 2 yrs, I purchased some FootJoy Contours... TOTALLY CHANGED MY LIFE Ok that's an exaggeration. But in all seriousness, these new golf shoes I purchased may be the most comfortable shoes I own in my entire closet
I just picked up a dozen of these like 2 days ago when I was killing time at golf galaxy.  The sales guy said basically the same thing your guy told you.  Now, I do realize that he's a salesman, but he could've just as easily tried to sway me over to some $48/dz balls.  He asked me a few questions about my game, and recommended the Wilson Duo ball. Normally, I review stuff BEFORE I buy it, but I went ahead and scooped up a dozen.  I read some reviews once I got home, and...
I currently use the golflogix app on my phone, but I absolutely HATE having anything besides divot tool and tees in my pocket, so I end up leaving the phone on the cart.  That is the primary reason that I believe I would prefer a watch over a handheld device.    With that being said, I deem a watch to be jewelry, and I don't like the idea of wearing ANY jewelry when I'm playing sports (baseball/softball, flag football, basketball, weightlifting, golf, tennis).  It drives...
And I couldn't agree more flopster.  I am a gadget/equipment junkie...and if we were talking football or baseball (sports where I received scholarship offers and considered myself a true "player" of the game), then I would have all of the top notch equipment available.  But that's because I could get the most out of it. As a "hack" golfer (personal best of 104), i'm not spending 50 bucks on a dozen balls.  Hell, I can luck up and crank a drive 275 on the first tee, then...
it really throws my playing buddies off when I shank one, then they try to help me find the ball...only for me to give up 30sec later like "hey that's why I play with inexpensive balls"  :)   and i'm a lot like you...I find a ton of ProVs and other quality, tour-caliber balls while searching for my $1 Gamer   I have a big myrtle beach golf outing coming up.  I think I'm going to grab a few dozen of the Gamer Tours and spend the rest of my money on lessons/range time!
billy, how do you like the gamer tour?  I have played the gamer V2 for the last year because I refuse to freak out over losing a ball in the woods/rough.    I am wanted to get a ball with a little more greenside spin, and I figured that a gamer with a urethane cover (the gamer tour) might do the trick without breaking the bank?   durability?  any noticeable difference in distance from the V2?
i have been impressed with the top flite gamer v2   i'm not saying it's on the same level as a proV1, but we are talking about golf balls under the $27 mark, and at that pricepoint, i just don't think it gets better than the top flite gamer
if you're getting proV1s for free (that's what it sounds like to me), then knock yourself out brotha!!
i tried using apps on my phone and it was just too much of a hassle.  part of the reason i enjoy golf is because i get to toss my cell in the bag and forget it.    i prefer using my head, but i'm a gadget junkie...so if anyone has any neat stroke-counting thing-a-ma-bobbers, then please post a link       fwiw...i'm 33yrs old
this X2   i'm a high capper as well, and i refuse to play with a ball that costs 4 bucks a piece when i am prone to losing 3-4 per round.  golf is already expensive enough   the top flite gamer (or gamer V2) costs about a buck a piece, and you can find them on a few online sites for less...   at my skill level, i don't think that i can "work" a ball enough to warrant the expense of the proV1s.  i have been more than pleased with the top flite gamer
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