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I play CT Myers, Larkhaven, and the Tradition...all in charlotte
Hey man I'm serious! We need to pick a day and just commit to it! Just as long as you don't mind playing with a scrub golfer such as myself. I shoot 100 but I promise I play fast!!
I can't get comfortable with an overlapping grip or the interlock, so I have stuck with the modified baseball grip. It feels comfortable and I don't think I'm sacrificing distance or accuracy (the only 2 things most golfers care about)
Welcome to the sand trap!  I'm in Charlotte, but I travel to Raleigh about 6 times a year for work.  We need to have a NC Sandtrap meetup!  This sport is addictive.  I applaud you for your efforts with weight loss.  I'm down 20 lbs since February, and I'm still losing.  One of the best pieces of advice I can give you...   1.  Walk the course rather than ride a cart (assuming no physical conditions that would hinder you) 2.  Do NOT waste your money on cheap golf shoes! ...
Finishing a round with the same ball...that's an amazing feeling.  Like you've got a gold bar in your hands LOL
I have been trying to get a better practice routine together.  Normally, I go and purchase the big bucket (roughly 90 balls), and just get to swinging.  I do start with my PW and work my way up to the driver (usually just using the odd numbered clubs).    Recently, I tried something different.  Before I even pulled out of my driveway, I grabbed my SW, GW, and PW...that's it.  I left everything else at the house.  I got my usual big bucket-o-balls, and worked on nothing...
An 89?!  Somebody get this ringer outta here!  LOL   Nice work Bridge
I play inexpensive golf balls.  I suggest that you find a ball that is suitable to your budget and stick with it for a little while.  Golf balls can respond differently.  By using the same ball, you can develop some level of consistency in your game.  I'm alot like you...I lose several balls per round.  My ball of choice is the Top Flite Gamer.  Just my 2 cents.
Exactly Gipper!  Here's the way I look at it...I spray a drive into the 240yds down the side of the fairway that rolls into the rough.  I can ATTEMPT a 150yd approach shot, but the truth of the matter is that I may hit a GIR on 1 out of 25 shots (I may be grading a little too harshly, but you get the point).  The reality is that I won't make crisp contact, the ball won't go as far, or as straight.  Heaven forbid I just puke on myself and smack this second shot back across...
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