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Erica Blasberg wins my vote......
The MP-60's are fantastic. I went to the range a week or two ago and tried out the MP-60's, the Taylor Made R7 TP's, and the Adams IdeaPro irons. I liked the TP's the least of the three... the feel was kinda weird. I was pleasantly suprised by the Adams, but the MP-60's were the clear winner. I play with MP-37's right now, and the 60's were easier to hit, but not clunky or heavy. The 60's allow you to still work the ball, and they feel great.
I have also hit it.......and although its pretty deep, the ball does balloon.....I'm with BritBoy - waiting for the TP version
Woah!!! I'm a little suprised by the answers to this question. Having worked at multiple golf courses, and having many, many friends who are assistant and head pros, it is somewhat customary to tip your instructor. I find it laughable that people are saying that head pros are 'high enough up the food chain', because most pros don't make all that much money. They are providing a service directly to you, so using an analogy about restaurant managers is...
I'm guessing that you might have seen the TP version on the SuperQuad when you were in Canada, which retails for $799 in the US...... but I could be wrong
The 60's are fantastic clubs. Easier to hit than 33's, 37's, etc. As strange as it may sound, go find the new Adams Idea Pro irons. I went to my local range, and a sales guy suggested I try them out. I was suprised at how soft they felt, and how easy it was to work the ball. Plus, if I remember correctly, they have True Temper's new 'Black Gold' (or something like that) shaft, which is great (its TT's version of the rifle).
.....all I can say is, "Wow". I went to the range yesterday to try out some drivers. I hit the TM Burner, Nike Sasquatch (whatever the most recent one is), the TM SuperQuad, and the Cleveland HiBore XL Tour. I couldn't believe how great the HiBore was!! The ball rocketed off of the face, and had an amazing trajectory. I was thoroughly impressed.... does anyone have one of these babies? As far as the Nike went, it was 1/2" shorter than the other clubs, and the...
As far as 'Troon' goes, I think its a golf management company that has courses accross the US (maybe abroad). They have a few courses in Arizona that I've played.... $46? Wow... I'll have to head out to the local golf shop and check it out. That would be absolutely ridiculous - I just have to hope they discount the old Pro V1s!! Everyone should post the prices they see, so we can get an idea of what the market is bearing
Personally, I have a special place in my heart because Titleist has always made, in my mind, players clubs. Thinner top lines, increased workability, and solid feel. As iacas said, Titleist makes a club for better players. And to be honest, that is part of the appeal of the brand.... there is some exclusivity associated with it. Branding is a big part - Vokey wedges....Scotty Cameron putters - Titleist has done a fantastic job branding their clubs, and making sure...
Well now I seem like an idiot..... I guess i'm not enough of a golf junkie to know the pro's kids name.
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