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Stephan on evolvr.com analyzed my second video and told me what I expected: that I need to do more inside-out. And he gave me a new visual/drill to help me do it better. He told me to feel like my back faces the target longer during the transition. Makes sense to me! Looking forward to giving it a shot. Also a little worried because I've been striking the ball much better the last couple days. But I gotta keep my mind focused on the long term.
I don't know what's right and what's wrong, but when I used to have a wider stance, I sometimes had trouble shifting my weight forward. So by narrowing my stance, I actually ended up with better consistency of ball contact.   Edit: And I just now saw how old this post is. Silly me.
Here is my latest swing video, composed of "natural" full swings.     My natural full swing is slowly evolving from over-the-top to inside-out. The drills and visuals given to me by the evolvr.com folks seem to be working, but I think I'm only about halfway there. It's certainly easier to do the right things in a slower swing, so I'm still working at slower speeds to improve my muscle memory of the correct swing path.   Oh and Sunday's round wasn't pretty....
Thanks for the response. One less thing to worry about. I was at the range today practicing what I'm supposed to practice and as my path stabilized (still needs work) so did my contact. I guess you know what you're talking about :D
So what do you all think: do you think vision focus has a significant impact on ball contact precision, or do you think it's primarily a muscle memory thing? Or is it half and half? Another way to ask this quesiton is: how much do you focus on your ball during the swing (on a 1 to 10 scale I'd say I'm a 3).   First, I'm working with evolvr.com on my swing, so I'm not looking for any new swing thoughts or practice drills to muddy the waters.   Anyway I'm not...
I can empathize. My back causes me trouble, though in my case it's because I'm overweight. Once it starts to hurt my swing stops working like normal and I tend to swing in order to protect myself from the pain. In my case I tend to hit over-the-top even more than usual. I'm about ready to go to a chiropractor so that I can function while I continue my weight loss program.
  Most likely yes. That's what I figured too, but I just couldn't stop.
I'm with ya here. I like idea of using bounce to stop from hitting fat from tight lies (it happens to me once or twice per round). Here is the video posted in the other recent topic by mvmac: http://thesandtrap.com/t/39411/quickie-pitching-video   But after trying to hit 150 balls from 20 yards out on the practice green using this technique, and hitting about 10% of them thin and only about 2% of them to within 6 feet, I'm inclined to think I'm not ready for that method....
I'm using one of those "deep faced" drivers and hitting up. I have a rather average swing speed (100 MPH or so). I tend to have trouble getting center face contact, but at my handicap that's practically a given. So I'm curious what an instructor would say about my switching to the newer kind of driver. Is it more forgiving or less forgiving? Would my swing speed lend itself to one type of driver or the other?
You slice the heck out of the ball. I'm no instructor but despite all the flaws and issues you mentioned, the slice would likely be the top priority of any instructors.   Also you seem to be a rather naturally atheletic person, so this may not apply to you, but if I tried to hit the ball as hard as you do, all kinds of bad things would creep into my swing. At the top of the list would be poor contact at least partially related to a swing path issue. I think you may...
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