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 You obviously know more about this than I do. I was speaking based on my tendency to blade pitches from tight lies with my 54.11 and having more success with my 60.07.
I find "GET IN THE HOLE!" and "YOU DA MAN!" to be very annoying. I got a laugh when some guy shouted "BABA BOOEY!" yesterday, but nothing will beat the "MASHED POTATOES!" guy from Chevron last year.
I would go low-bounce given your normal playing conditions. 45* to 52* is not crazy by any means. I believe Tiger's PW is 47* and his wedges are 56* and 60*. If you go that route, I'd follow newtogolf's recommendation when you're in between clubs. If I may make a suggestion, what about going 50/56/60, and bending the 56* to 55* (and removing a degree of bounce). Then you'd have five-degree gaps from 40* to 60*.
Well done! I like the scorecard/stats. What program do you use?
I would upgrade the 3-wood for sure. What is the loft on your 4-iron? If it's a strongly-lofted GI iron (21* or so), you could go with a 15* 3-wood and a 18* wood or hybrid, and that would leave you with room for one more club, maybe a GW there's a large gap between your PW and SW. 
Except for the 5-wood, your set configuration and yardages are pretty much identical to mine before I went from four wedges to three (I had a 3-wood). I originally made an uninformed decision and bought the matching AW and SW, so starting with the 9-iron, my lofts were 43/47/51/55/60. Since I never used the AW and didn't like the clunky look and feel of it and the SW, I got rid of them and decided to put the 3-iron in the bag. What I ended up doing was getting Vokeys (54...
Bending the PW a degree strong seems like the path of least resistance to me. You could also bend the 9-iron half a degree strong as well, and then you'd have four-degree gaps from the 5-iron down. What caught my eye was you're carrying both a 5-wood and 3-hybrid. I agree with Lucius: get a 3-wood, and ditch one of the aforementioned clubs. Based solely on lofts, I'd take out the 5-wood since your 4-iron is 25*, so you'd have 9/15/20/25 at the top.
For me, it's not. My initial configuration had an AW, and the lofts on my short clubs were 43-47-51-55-50. The odd 51-55 combo were the AW and SW that matched my irons. After a while, I realized that I never used the AW and that I wanted actual wedges with less bounce, so I ditched the AW, put the 3-iron in the bag, and picked up my current 54 and 60. I also had my PW bent to 48 so the gaps were more consistent. I don't miss the AW at all. If I find myself with 120 or...
I love my 910D2 and considered getting a matching 3-wood, but didn't end up doing it. I preferred the 910F over the 910Fd because it has a lower-profile face and was easier to hit off the deck. Maybe one of these days I'll get around to picking one up.
Sorry, I'm not familiar with SCOR, but I get where you're coming from. I went through two each of component drivers and fairway metals and didn't like three of them (the second fairway is currently in my bag). I obviously couldn't return them to my club guy, but luckily, I was able to recoup most of my money by selling them on eBay. It was a hassle and wouldn't have been much better even with a friendly return policy. I would only go that route again as a last resort.
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