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 Thanks all for the responses so far. WUTiger, my iron set (3-PW) already has the KBS Tour shafts. I'm trying to figure out what to do about my two Vokeys (54 and 60). I use the 54 around the green and for full shots. I use the 60 much less often, usually 60 yards and in, and never for full shots. Definitely plan on keeping both.
I am unfamiliar with KBS and just ordered a set of irons with the Tour shafts. For my two wedges, would I be better off getting the (1) 37.5-inch Iron shafts (i.e., the same the irons) or (2) 37-inch Wedge shafts (my irons are standard length)? According to the KBS website, the Wedge shafts are "developed for players seeking a similar feel to the KBS TOUR." I doubt I'd be able to tell the difference, but just wanted to see if someone more knowledgeable had any thoughts....
Played 30 rounds and finished with a 5.6. I want to increase my GIR% from 42% (7-8 per round) to at least 50%.   The number that sticks out the most: 40% of fairways. Even worse: 30% of the misses went left, and 30% went right. Someone needs to work on his driver.
I would like to see Phil win the Grand Slam, but I'll settle for:   Masters - Tiger U.S. Open - Phil Open Championship - Kaymer PGA Championship - Phil
Completely agree. I played there for the first time on Christmas Day last year (fortunately only had to pay about $50). Zero plans to go back.
Since trajectory is a big concern and everything you have is standard, I would get fitted for the correct shaft(s) first and foremost. I'm guessing you can play well with whatever club heads you're comfortable with given you're a 9 index. Also, four wedges in your set makes sense since you're a long hitter.   I recently switched from the TaylorMade Tour Preferreds (2008 version) to the 714 AP2s and am happy with them. Got a great deal from my fitter and didn't need, or...
It took me almost four years and 90-100 rounds. I had a handful of 80s and finally broke through with a 77 at Ewa Beach Golf Club in Oahu last December. I've been shooting 78-84 this year and just established a new low of 76 at Bandon Dunes last month. The weird thing is that I didn't card a single birdie either round.
 You obviously know more about this than I do. I was speaking based on my tendency to blade pitches from tight lies with my 54.11 and having more success with my 60.07.
I find "GET IN THE HOLE!" and "YOU DA MAN!" to be very annoying. I got a laugh when some guy shouted "BABA BOOEY!" yesterday, but nothing will beat the "MASHED POTATOES!" guy from Chevron last year.
I would go low-bounce given your normal playing conditions. 45* to 52* is not crazy by any means. I believe Tiger's PW is 47* and his wedges are 56* and 60*. If you go that route, I'd follow newtogolf's recommendation when you're in between clubs. If I may make a suggestion, what about going 50/56/60, and bending the 56* to 55* (and removing a degree of bounce). Then you'd have five-degree gaps from 40* to 60*.
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