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Tiger Woods -7 Adam Scott -5
Inbee- the new LPGA dominator!
I love my Adams A4OS 3 hybrid. Use is from 170 to 200 yards and for whatever reason, it never dissapoints me.
I am a huge fan of Paula but just don't see the same fire in her as when she first came out. Was nice to see Morgan on the leaderboard this week as she is another one I have always thought would be factor in most majors. Stacy seems to have something going on and Lexi and Jessica are young enough that yhey get a pass from me. I don't think overall these girls have the step on their throat attitude needed to become multiple major winners. Just my 2 cents.
This will be a great matchup but Bruins in six (no bias being from Boston I assure you (; ). Think the Pens had stretches of decent defensive play but that's clearly not their game and with average at best goaltending the series loss is no shock. Of course no one up here was talking sweep but we had a quiet confidence.
Great reviews...thanks for sharing.
I don't post as much as lurk but everyone on here seems like they'd be cool to play with. Guess if pressed my three would be Stretch as he seems like one funny dude, Jamo as we both are from MA and can talk about how dominate our Bruins are! Third would be Mike as I really like how he comes across in his video lessons and seems like a good guy.
My regular golf partner flips his wrists all the time on short game shots and is money from anywhere. I just don't get it!
1. Tiger Woods -5 2. Justin Rose -7 3. JimFuryk -2
Swing looks great. Ponky hosting an Open would be tough. Where the hell would we all park?
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