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Certainly think it is a racist comment but does it make Sergio a racist? I'm not sure about that. Someone on Morning Drive commented that Sergio has been around a long time and if he was a racist this would have been snuffed out long ago. He may be the most immature 33 year old out there and he will regret this for a long time to come. Just ask Fuzzy.
Hope this second bastard meets the same fate as his brother. Tense here in town.
We will stand together as a city. This an atrocious act of cowardice that hopefully goes severely punished. I was so impressed with the first responders jumping in to help the injured. Be nice to live in a world where this bullshit didn't go on.
To paraphrase Clark W Griswold she's looking uhhh fit
Tiger Woods -8, Phil Mickelson -4, Angel Cabrerra -3
With ourselves doesn't count does it?
Will always be amazed about how subtle a move like moving the handle inside sets off the whole swing for a hook off the planet. Makes thinking about ever getting good at this game so remote. Great analysis though.
I like your line of thinking. I have become a mess trying to incorporate a "swing" that looked and acted correctly. I love the S&T model and follow what the 5SK guys have to say but in that vain I may try to clear my head and go along with what seems to be working for you. Just need the snow to melt up here!
Haven't been a fan of Cink since he gave himself a perfect lie in a "waste area" at Harbor Town. No loss to Nike.
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