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1. Practice effectively 2. Practice effectively 3. Practice effectively 4. Pract.....you get the point!
Swing looks great. Plan on really working on my swing in 2013 and this thread will be one I reference a lot!
Welcome! Mass golfer myself-live on the South Shore. Looking like it will be warm enough to play this weekend so hope you can get out.
I believe the book says Tom Lehman is also a width player. I just went to this method and using info for the w player I have been striping the ball. Tried all the rest but being based on body type, this method just made a ton of sense.
Being 6'3" a lot of people don't seem that tall to me I guess.
Looks like him. I met him a few months ago as the company I used to work with is one of his sponsors. He's really not that tall.
There's a book out by the USGA called Not Playing by the Rules of Golf? Learn something new everyday.
I agree with a lot of you in that I could care less what rules my buddies follow unless we are playing for money. I try to follow the rules as best I can. The one I take a pass on a lot is when I think I can find my ball but can not. Tough to look for 5 mins. then walk back to the tee without backing courses up. I have always thought the USGA should have a competative rules of golf and a recreational rules of golf which are more practical and user friendly. Just my 2 cents.
Looking to shorten my swing as when I swing the club normally I always rise up out of my inclination. Have the thought of TA3 or Nick Price as a model but was wondering if anyone on here has any hints or things they went through when trying to make this change. My game has been so up and down this year that I am hoping this change goes a long way to helping things as misses have been all over the place.
Tiger Woods -6 Sergio Garcia -3 Jason Dufner -4
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