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Looks like you've done some great work Jamo....keep it up!
Winn is so hot-when does Playboy run the Girls of Golf Channel issue?
Just wanted to send a thank you for all the information you guys put forward. I have been out of work for a few months so spending the $$ on the DVD wouldn't go over real well with the wife but it will be one of the first things I treat myself to when able. The passion you all have for the golf swing and sharing that information comes through on almost every post. Keep it up as for guys like myself it is how I am able to try and improve my swing on my own.
Thanks for the link Mike. Great article. I would also like Foley to give credit where credit is due but you can't deny his students hit the ball well!
+1  Could not have phrased this better if I tried!
Thanks for the reply Mike. Jersey is a tad far but if I take a road trip with the family that way I'll throw the clubs in the car and try to avoid the dirty looks from the wife!
When will you have a list of instructors ready? Do you have anyone in MA that you certified? Thanks for all the great info!
I know exactly what you are talking about and actually feel like swinging this short has saved my game. I hit the ball much more powerfully and accurately with a shorter backswing. Going further back just lifted my up out of my inclination to the ball and I hit mostly weak fades. I try to think of guys like Nick Price or Tommy Armour 3rd when thinking about how I want to swing the club now. Embrace what works for you.
When will you have an instructors list ready or can you recommened anyone south of Boston? Keep all the great info coming!
Tiger Woods -7 Luke Donald -4 Sergio -2
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