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Fun topic: Golfer-Tiger Woods (who else) Non-golfer-Tom Brady (rings and hot women, I'm there)
I think the Weir pick is a joke-should be about fielding the most competative team not pandering to the home country-internationals do look scary on paper so this should be a good one.
I always wear my golf outfits from The Greg Norman Collection-of course I work there so it makes the cost negligible!
Pats, Pats, Pats!!!
She or her handlers should have done something-my brother and I received a flag from my uncle after his funeral as he has no kids and make sure we take care of it properly-this will be a non-issue to most which says a lot about where we've been heading as a country for a long time.
I voted putting to give it some #'s but you can argue either side- I agree with the notion that his shots from the tee's are really putting pressure on the his putter-back in 2000 he seemed to make everything he looked at-I expected his putt to tie at Oakmont was going to go in but he's just leaving himself to many important putts from too far away-I wish my game was so off as he's won three times, is the Fed Ex Cup points leader and #1 in scoring average-I expect he will...
Congrats to Natalie-hope this is the first of many!!
Pats are winning this year-not sure that Samuel will be that big a loss-more than half of his INT's were thrown right at him-when will people figure out that it really is the defensive system that makes a lot of these ok players more successful than they would otherwise?
I agree with always using a tee-just get the best lie all the time
Or maybe you're upset that The Open Championship wasn't the planned "made for television" spectacle where Tiger predictably holds the trophy aloft, while bloated sponsors and TV execs look on giving each other a satisfied nod and a wink? What is that implying? I agree that Sergio was a classless dolt after the Open but I was pulling for him to get his first major as he is an amazing talent. Tiger is my favorite golfer but even I hope for other people to win. Although...
New Posts  All Forums: