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Great thread. Thanks to Mike and Erik for making this more clear to a guy going it on his own. Love this site!
Great thread. So...what were you not doing with your left arm/wrist?
It wasn't placed in anyones name they pulled numbers...board members won signed Red Sox jerseys and other teachers won dinners, and tickets to area attractions. These are the people that keep her school going by donating the money via raffles and silent autions. If the theme is to have a raffle of goods and a silent auction to make money for the school should all the emplyees give back the various things they won? If these people didn't give the money they did they never...
Gresh, she bought $100 dollars in raffle tickets which all goes to benefit the school. Always at least one negative comment on every thread in this forum.
She always has the MC pull all the winners-she doesn't want the appearance of anything untoward. She is a lucky charm for sure though!
My wife is the head of a montessori school and they have a fundraiser this time of the year annually. We live near the Adidas headquarters so some of her parents work there and donate some TaylorMade goods. Last year she won a package that included a new R11, free golf, and 2 dozen Pro V1s. This year they did the driver separately and lo and behold they pull her number. Nice new R11s for me. Turned in the year old R11 for credit towards a new Rocketbalz 3 wood. Played 9...
Thanks for all the advice gentlemen. I think I may just take a week or so then go to the range and see what the deal is. I like the idea of just giving myself limited time to hit the ball. Eliminates the time to go through a crazy checklist in my head of things I should be doing.
Thanks for the reply...supposed to rain in Boston for the next week so I may get a weather imposed break as it is. Hopefully I can come back refreshed.
My golf game is at an all time low. Every time I hit a poor shot I feel lost. The crux of the problem is that I have read Stack and Tilt, The One Plane Swing, Golf My Way, Ben Hogan's Five Lessons, etc. as well as a million magazine articles. Has anyone delt with something like this? I just need some help in getting out of my own way. I love this game and the scores I have been putting up lately are beyond atrocious (mid 50's for 9 holes-have been a solid low to mid 40's...
I would say short game should be 90% of what you work on. With the numbers from your 103 it only took you 35 shots to get into position to be chipping. If half the time you get up and in and the other half you get up and 2 putt you are looking at an 80.
New Posts  All Forums: