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I think the press falls all over themselves to try and annoint the next Tiger. Is Rory the new face of golf? I don't know. Is Keegan Bradley? Is Dustin Johnson? Ryo Ishikawa? I think the outlook for golf is great for the next 15 to 20 years so why do we need this rush to annoint the next great one? I think Rory is great but he will never be Tiger. I am glad that he is a huge part of what makes me excited about pro golf for the next several years though.
Here's a vote for a Boston based instructor. This sounds great-good luck with it!  Go Pats!!!!!!
Did we ever get the answer on this?
Played 9 on Jan 1 with a couple of friends. Shot a 39 so my best start to a  year yet... Being in Boston my guess is round #2 will be somewhere around the end of March although we have no snow yet.
I think Jim Hardy would love you. It was like watching Matt Kuchar (which is not a bad thing). I think to get a better picture a face on view would be a big help. What are your typical misses with your swing?
...but Taylor Swift is hot....just sayin
Wow...to be 13 again...thank christ I am 42 and the sheet is over with!
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Great post Erik..count me in to use this going forward.
Agree with the above. I knew the Pats would smoke Denver but the Pats are such a high powered offense it would have taken a phenominal defensive effort to pull out the win. He seems like a decent guy and I wish him well (except against the Pats). My favorite stat in all of sports is the W so if this guy keeps winning who cares how it gets done.  
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