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Great post-I love playing around with different set ups and see how they effect things. Maybe someday I'll stick wuth the one that works!
Bridgestone-if you want the best, play with our balls!
Great Article. I think Yani is going to end up the best ever (male or female). It's a shame she'll never get the limelight she deserves.
I am in the same boat with kids and job. I live in Mass and your courses seem to close very early as I can still get out this weekend if the weather holds as it has been. I do a lot of slow motion swinging in the cellar during the winter but I will say my progress has been one step forward two steps back. Each year I tell the wife I want to devote more time to practice and playing but it never seems to work out.
Weekend hacker. Love the game but with wife, full time job, and 8 & 2 year old daughters I only play 9 holes a week. I try to get to the range a couple of nights a week. Shoot everything between 42 and 50 for 9 and 85 to 100 for 18 so I know the potential is there I just clearly need to play and practice more.
From the golf sign that hangs in my cube given to me by my 8 year old daughter   "My Dad is an Iron Man"
Read the post before yours    
A repeatable swing, maybe new wedges, and I would love Paula Creamer to pop out of a box....think the wife goes for that one?
I think Phil could win at Augusta again or perhaps another PGA at the right venue. I think Simpson is as real as any other of the many tier2 players. Getting a win or two a year would not be a shock from any of the guys from that group. Tiger will win again and I am sure I am in the minority but I still think he passes Jack. I used to think he would win 25 majors but I think now the number is 19.
I'd like to be Paula Creamer's caddie. She makes some good money and the view would be fantastic. 
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