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I got a pair of the Adidas AdiComfort2 a couple of months ago for $55 and love them. Most comfortable golf shoe I have owned.
I get it's not about the grip. My entry was more of an example of how the grip is not a fundamental as people have different ways of holding the club.    
I actually agree more with Jack Nicklaus on the left hand grip who says he kept it more in his palm for power. I have messed around with club in my fingers and more in the palm and definitely get a more powerful strike with the club is in the palm of my left hand.
Agree with you on this. People seem to get very caught up in symantics but when you are taught one way for years and years, like anything else, it's tough to let go of. It seems to me from reading your posts over the years that golf and the way to teach it is an ever evolving thing and for people that are not on board with that have a hard time hearing otherwise. I've always known that GAPS are important (tough to play without them) but when I read Mike and Andy's book...
19.5 to 14.5 US-MVP Tiger
I did the couch to 5k last year to prepare for the 5k portion of a team triathlon I did with friends. I think it's a great program and worked wonders for me. If you plan on running a 5k at the end of it make sure you run some of the last workouts outside. Found out very quickly how different it is to run outside versus the treadmill. I will have to restart this program as I never felt better than at the conclusion of it. Good luck Erik!
Agree with the below. Tiger has never/will never be open with the public so to expect that now is just a case of not paying attention.    
Racist-don't think so. Can't see a racist caddying for someone they have race issues with for 13 years. He's an idiot for sure and doesn't seem to get when to shut his mouth. If I were Scott I think I would tell him to keep it shut and carry the bag or that's it. Gives him an easy out next time Stevie goes off.
I played there last year and loved it. I was told by a friend who had played there previously that the tip to the forecaddie should be at least  $20 per player in the group to as much as whatever you feel comfortable with depending on the service. They tell a lot of stories about where certain shots where played from in Players tournament history. After your round ask for a tour of the locker room as we were taken into the Players Champions locker room and were able to...
This-although I am no where near #1!
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