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I got a Groupon this summer to Waverly Oaks in Plymouth and loved the course. Nice mix of long and short holes to use everything in the bag. I little out of the way (depending on where you are of course) but worth the trip. Just played Halifax CC with a friend who won a month long membership and liked what I saw of the course. They scheduled our 18 just after a huge member tourney went out so the front nine took 3+hours. The first tee was empty on the turn so we just...
This was supposed to be the old mentality for us....wait until next year I guess (is it too early to bring that back?)    
No, they will not come close to Tiger!
Just enjoy the experience. I did my first last summer as the "runner" in a team triathlon with friends and had a blast. I, like you was just looking to finish. I have kept up with the running but have not done another race. Thinking of finding a good fall 5k though as they are a lot of fun. Good luck to you and your wife!
I am a Sara Brown fan and think she is cute as hell but I just can't see her winning anytime soon. Way to inconsistant.
May have something to do with the 2:30am tv time. The "Wake Up with the Cup" ads haven't moved me to set the clock much.    
Nice work and good luck for tomorrow!
Thanks for all the tips. I believe we are getting the balls with the glow stick. I really appreciat the possible driver damage tip so the R11 will stay in the bag! Drinks will be flying I am sure but I've never been much of a drinker. Early forcast looks like rain up here in MA through Saturday so I am not sure we'll get this in.
Thanks for the tips!
I can't explain why but I like this thread...keep up the good work and keep us posted. Saying you are doing this for a PhD dissertation should have been enough to explain why you are doing this to everyone that has asked.
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