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She was the Golden Girl of Kiwi sport and up until now couldn't put a foot wrong. Her sweet innocence and lovely, modest demeanor made her the sweetheart of the NZ public. This move is very much driven by IMG who just want to turn her into Global superstar. I'm sure the executives at IMG could care less about the reaction in NZbut you have to wonder how it will affect a young 15 year old kid making her first steps into the pro ranks. This is the first time she has had to...
Another promising NZ amateur Danny Lee has struggled since turning pro and immediately ditching the old coach that got them to the top and taking on a new high profile snake oil swing coach. I just hope Leadbetter doesn't ruin Ko's promising career.
?Do you have carpet at home? Best thing I ever did was practice my 5-10 foot putts in the lounge at night. Now 3 putts are rare and I get more up and downs if I chip to that distance. Better putting is the quickest way to lower scores. With that many GIR you should be shooting 85 not 95.
My setup is pretty much the same as yours except that I have stuck with the 4i rather than a 4h. I tried the 4h (23 degrees) but found I missed the 4i on longer par 3s (where I feel the iron is still more accurate than my hybrid) and also the 4i is my go to club for punching recovery shots out from under trees. A shot I need quite regularly.    My setup: Driver 10.5 3 wood 15 2h 18 3h 20.5 4i - PW GW 52 SW 56 Putter   I'm pretty happy with this...
Looking for opinions on this driver.
In my opinion the opening poster famousdavies has got it all wrong. Sure the Ping Eye2's may be great functionality wise but they are just so damn ugly to look at. They need to be attractive to the eye too (no pun intended). It's just like women. Sure some women my be excellent at cooking, cleaning, raising a family etc but if they are ugly to look at who's going to marry them? First and foremost they need to be beautiful in the eye of the beholder. The Ping Eye2s may be...
New Posts  All Forums: