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Erik, I'm not saying there is a conspiracy. The fact that someone has an official's phone number and does not want to make it public is perfectly okay with me. The idea that anybody watching a tournament on TV can call in an infraction is what I am saying never happens.   If a rules official can accept a call from a friend of his who presumably has knowledge of the game and then the official decides he should make a ruling based on that phone call, that is entirely...
I'm the same guy. Sorry for the confusion. Not sure how I have two accounts here.   I'm not saying this is a conspiracy. I'm saying no one has ever called in and as a result a penalty was called on a player. And until I see the phone numbers I'll stand by that belief. To say IACAS knows someone that called an official at Augusta does not cut it. "I know a guy, who knows a guy, who's brother in-law... "   Show me the phone number(s).
There have been a number of posts regarding the issue of TV viewers calling in and reporting a rules violation. I have come to the conclusion this has never happened. It's a myth.   I now believe, the explanation of a TV viewer calling in, is simply cover for the player reporting another golfer of breaking the rules. This cover gives players the opportunity to report a rules violation anonymously, without fear of retribution or creating ongoing hard feelings amongst...
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