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So through out this season I have had decent iron play. Most of my rounds of been in the upper 80s. This week it is as if I woke up and all of my swing mechanics dissapeared. I had a weird swing to begin with so one thing was probably change sub consciously and my whole swing was gone. I think it is time to switch to a more fundamental swing, and possibly change grip. At this time any thing would help I just can not hit a crisp iron shot to save my life. I use the...
It depends on the rough length. Usually an iron will do, and with shorter to average size rough I would say you can hit a hybrid out of it. That is me though :)
I hit my driver about 225 on a good shot. Usually closer to 210 but I hit 90% of fairways. Accuracy>Distance imo
I'm organizing this thread to help people out to find different golfers to play with. We all know it is quite a hassle trying to find people to play with in your area sometimes. If you want on the list just post what course, city, or state you usually play at. I will update the list with your sandtrap username so people can contact you via private message. I will start it off. I will have them in alphabetical order by state.   shakogolfer78-  Stonebrooke Golf Club...
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