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Yes. If the group ahead is that far out a will tee off.
I usually like to show up about 30 minutes early but the reality is that I get there most times about 10 minutes early.  Just enough time to get ready, pay, hit a few putts and tee off.
A yardage measuring device is one of the best purchases that you can make in my opinion.  Knowing how far you hit you clubs and distances to object and hazzards increases your confidence in the shot and proper club selection.   Rangefinders and gps units both have their pros and cons and each individual needs to make a decision which will be better for their game.   I have decided on a gps unit.  I play 90% of my rounds with my father who has a bushnell...
The Q-Star has been my go to ball for the last few rounds.  Really liked the distance I was seeing off all the clubs and the driver was very straight as well.  Was able to get the ball to check up fairly well on the softer greens but most greens now are too hard for me to not have some roll out.    I played the E6 last summer and wasn't overly impressed with the ball at the time but last season was my first full season playing.  I should give them another go this...
I have been using the Nike Dry Fit Tours for the last few seasons.  They breath really well and keep my hands cool, the leather is solf and they last a really long time.
I don't mind playing alone but since I am not a member anywhere my golf spending limits me to a couple rounds a week I usually am able to find someone to play with.
My father loves golf and he gets frustrated with it but never seems to get upset with it so it was only natural that he would get my brother and I involved in his love for golf.  Well throughout my youth I played maybe a round a year after the first year my father had me playing because I didn't enjoy it.  I decided to give it another go after a company best ball tournament in August 2010 I really started to enjoy playing and enjoy spending the time out on the course...
The cavity back AW that is set to 50 degrees so I went with a 54 and 58 degree wedges to fill the gaps.  I find the 58 versatile enough for play around the green and also provide good full swing distances.
I have decided to go with a GPS unit because I think it has a greater impact on the game for someone of my ability.  Knowing the distance to a lay up distance or the front, middle and back of the green will greatly assist in club selection and course management whereas I am not accurate enough that knowing the exact distance to the pin really helps.
I voted for the Q-Stars.  They have been my ball of choice the last few rounds and I really like them.  Although I really want to try E5's to compared the spin around the greens.
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