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The Q-Star has been my ball of choice for the last few rounds and the only ball this year I have bought more then the original dozen I have bought.  Played the ProV1X 1 time and it was a quality ball but I can't see spending the $54 a dozen that they go for up here when a dozen Q-Stars go for $25.  I find the ball goes straight off the tee and I just shoot for the middle of the green most shots anyway so I don't need them to stick.
I have to agree with those that say stick with the same ball type of ball as much as you can.  Its a hell of a lot easier to judge how hard you need to hit the ball and judge green speen when you are sonstantly using the same ball.  Now I am not saying that beginners need to be using tour level balls but there is no reason to not be using some of the cheaper (less then $20 per dozen) balls that all ball manufacturers make.
I have played the Q-Star for my last 2 rounds. Really like them. Straight off the tee and decent distance.  Just got a new wedge so can't judge green holding yet compared to some of the other balls I have tried.  I also really like the yellow.
  I don't wear a watch even off the course but think the S1 would be convenient so I have been practicing with a regular watch to see how it feels before I spend the coin on the S1.
Picked up a set (4-AW) Nike Victory Red cavity back irons.  Almost done with my new club purchases.
I have been tempted to leave the course a few times but always remember that a bad day on the course is better then a good day at work.
I usually don't play the most costly courses but a $35-40 18 or a $18 9 hole is about the average cheapest that you will find around here.  I have an older pull cart I got off my dad when he upgraded to a new Clicgear push cart so I don't ride.  I usually bring a water or gatorade and a snack from home instead of buying at the course as well.  I also play twilight at least once a week on average once summer comes as well.
Played my first 18 of the season with my new RBZ driver and 3W.  Up until i started to get tired 16 and 17 the ball flight was dead straight and there was some good distance gain.  I am glad I made these purchases now that I can see real results just not the launch monitor results.
I use a Nike Methos Core putter.  Love the feel of hitting the ball with it and it seems to be easier for me to line of the putts with it.
I recently scored a 1 over par with just a putter at the local putt putt golf course.  If not for the damn windmill on 17 I would have been even par.
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