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I usually play from the whites.  Works out to being about 6350 on the course I play most often.  Thats about the longest I would like to go for now.
Picked up a RBZ 3W and a Nike Method Core putter.
I borrowed a couple hybrids from my brother last season to give them a go and after a little practice I enjoyed hitting them.  My long irons are easily my least confident clubs and the hybrids have helped.  I do want to eventually replace them with irons if my skills increase enough but for a beginner I prefer them.
Picked up a 9.5 stiff with the Xcon5 shaft.  Had a good feel to it and I can use a little extra distance it provided.
I am looking for a new set if irons as well and have a similar handicap as you and those 2 clubs were the 2 that based on previous testing of Nike irons and online reviews of the Burner 2.0 that I really thought I would like.  Didn't really like either one.   But after testing out about 15-20 sets of irons over the last couple weeks I have found that almost all company's make good irons and the performance is very similar.  Either one of those choices if you hit them...
I usually don't buy anything from the beer kart girl but when I do I tip her. In the OP situation he was cheap on the tip but maybe he assumed that 2 waters wouldn't be so much.   Being a beer kart girl isn't difficult and they get paid minimum plus tips here. After talking with a friend who has been in charge of beverage service at 3 courses for the last 4 years the girls end up making about $25-30/hour to drive around on a kart and hand out beer on a sunny summer...
Previous to this season I would say go for it but I am hoping to play smarter golf this season and choose to lay up instead.
We only get 5 maybe 6 months of golf and only 3 were its nice enough to wear shorts so I prefer to wear them. Will wear pants if required.
The R11 is currently on sale up here is Canada. Reg is $270  on sale for $198. Prices up here tend to be about 10-20% more expensive then down in the states.
My goal last summer was to shoot a round of bogey golf I didn't get there last summer.  This summer by the end of summer I want to be playing at least 75% of my rounds at a bogey golf rate.  To succeed at these goals I will hope to do the following.   1. Get a new set of clubs. I have never bought a new club and have been using a set of mixed hand me downs and garage sale specials.  These year I have saved up and will be getting a new set of clubs fit to me.   2....
New Posts  All Forums: