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Usually the courses open up mid to late april but its been very nice all winter so I am hoping to get out in march.  
I play golf for many reasons but the main ones are to get away from real life for a few hours and to spend time with my father, brother and friends.    
- An old Callaway Warbird my girlfriends dad found at a garage sale for $5 and my dad and I threw a new grip on it he had laying around. - A hand me down 3 wood from my dad that cost me nothing.  - Callaway 3H and 4H I borrowed off my brother. - 3I to PW hand me downs from my dad. Unknown brand. - SW hand me down from my dad. Unknown brand. - Completely illegal wegde my girlfriends dad found at garage sale. $20. - A hand me down putter from my dad. It used to...
In my opinion golf clubs like any other piece of sporting equipment should be bought for the current skill level and not above it. If SGI irons increase your enjoyment in the game and your confidence you will improve more rapidly then if you used the clubs your less confident  in. 
I don't think that there is a problem with someone enjoying a couple beers or a little bit of weed while enjoying a round of golf on their leisure time.  That person worked hard enough to afford the weed, the round of golf and his clubs so if it makes his round more enjoyable and its outside so its not going to really effect anyone else have at it.
Shot a 99 today.  Was happy to break 100 as it was windy out there today and my putting was total crap.
Working on my long irons (3,4).  Have lost the ability to hit these clubs this summer and have started to work a little bit more with these clubs at the range the last few nights to regain some lost distance and get rid of the slice that has developed.      
Shirt and a pair of shorts.  Also picked up some birdie balls for practicing.
Hello Everyone.  My name is Mike and I am 30 years old and from Winnipeg Canada.  I have played the occasional round since I have been about 12 years old, maybe 0-5 rounds a year with the average being about 2 up until halfway through last summer when I decided to try and get out a little more often.  I have started to see some improvement with more consistent play over the last 5 play able months and the birdies and pars are starting to come a little easier and more...
Working on a few different areas of my game since I have really only started playing with a little more consistency the past 6 playable months or so.   Drives. - Solid contact. Shorting my swing on a few holes in order to make solid contact.  Even if I shorten my swing I have been playing some shorting courses lately so I am usually at a playable distance. - Avoid looking up.  Happened once today while playing a 9 and resulted in a 75 yard duffed shot.   Long...
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