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37.7 as u mentioned :) Will try a round gripped down see what happens
Im 5'9" with a wrist to floor of 31" which is bordering 3/4" to an 1" off the length of my irons
Can anyone advise the issues of having irons that are 1" to long for my measurements? Got fitted for a driver last week and the pro got my driver cut down by 1" and im straighter/longer than before and my smash factor went Way up I presume this should translate in my irons also?
Random question Took a video of my on course swing yesterday and noticed the shaft on my driver was bending away from target just at and after parallel (picture below) Is this wrong/right? Is it the kick point causing this or the shaft flex?
Lol other way round, it got worse as i progressed!! One thought i had is not releasing the club enough, a few irons i hit went high and faded (i usually draw my irons) so wondered if i was holding the face open a presenting the leading edge to much? Usually is my problem
Had my best round ever yesterday shooting 81 with 8 pars and 10 bogeys But kept blading my chips and thinning my irons??? I play chips almost leaning solely on my left foot to avoid hanging back, No idea on my irons, i started puring them taking nice divots but as the round went on they got thinner and thinner with less and less divot Completely bemused.....
90 yards with a partial 54*? Wow im striping a 52* full on at that distance lol From my experience skulling it for me is head and body up to see where its gone, drags the clubhead up and it never gets chance to get under the ball and skulls ahoy!!! If its not the its either weight not foreard enough and your hitting up on it Or perhaps youve let the ball position get to far forward??
When my chipping goes its usually 1 of 2 things Lack of commitment Looking up way to quick
Lol got multi-compounds on my irons and the hurt the worst, driver has a tour 2g wrap on which is squishy and taccy, imvchanging clubs soon so will grip them with all with 2g wrapsTried every glove, at the minute im using a winter glove and a bandage underneath but even still a normal grip tears it up so i revert to the palmIm sure ill get there, dropped from 18-16hcp like it so cant be to badJust didnt know if there were fellow sufferers who may have an idea
If you look at your left palm, trace a line from the bottom of your little finger to the centre of your wrist (i know a photo would be easier) thats where it is, so wether i go full finger grip or not, once the hand wraps onto the club the pressure point is always along that line (painful) Wwhen i go palm grip it moves the shaft on to a line from say bottom of index finger to centre wrist, so just on the edge of the last effected area, and once i wrap my hand onto the...
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