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 But there has to be a "reasonable possiblity" of assisting or interfering. So the rule can not be abused and each case is unique. From decision 22/3: 
 Perhaps it speaks more about your club?
 True, what I mean is that there is no need to make things more complicated when in this type of situation. Just take unplayable and that's it. All done by the book.
 This is true and it looks like OP did that, except we do not know if he added the penalty. No need for special rules.
 Perhaps knowing the real reason would ensure the law suit ending up (quite) right? http://www.reuters.com/article/2014/03/26/us-malaysianairlines-boeing-lawsuit-idUSBREA2P0PP20140326
 I did not suggest that he prys the ball out trying to find water. His ball was 4 inches below surface, so unplayable is most likely. If he then sees water in the hole, I would say it is casual water. I can see Ignorant's point in not giving free relief. But to say that water is not casual water would be odd, what water that then is?
 If you hit a ball four inches below surface, most likely you would take unplayable, i.e. you lift the ball, find water in the hole, casual water. Or do you mean casual water has to always be visible without any action (except taking a stance)?
 In decision 25/3 the player is also creating the condition but is allowed the relief. What about deeming ball unplayable, digging the ball up and then finding out the casual water, a'la decision 28/13?   Maybe @fourputt is on his way back to/from the mountain?
25-2 is only available on "closely mown area", unless there is a local rule which expands it to "through the green".   As you say the conditions were wet, if after digging up the ball there is water in the pitch mark, then he could use 25-1 to get a free relief from casual water.
 The big problem with wrongly/badly written hard card is same as with wrongly/badly marked course. It is what the player goes with and plays, in that tournament. If it says you can pick your ball and carry it across the river, the player (if he read the HC) will do it. If the woods are marked as lateral hazards, the players will treat them like such. Even if it is against the RoG. This is why there should not be any changes to actual wordings of the rules in HC, to...
New Posts  All Forums: