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Just noticed that many (most?) of the ladies wearing visors have ears tucked inside the band. FWIW
 Too wide band does not fit with hair do unless pulled down?
 Interesting. I lost my driver swing during summer and went to pro. He said I need to steepen my swing, I could not get it work then though. A week later on the range I tried it again and something clicked. It feels very steep (comparing to old one), but I am not sure if it is that steep anyway. Now I can hit as hard as I want with "no" fear. 
True, sorry.
What about roads? There are metal animals running on streets about 30-100 mph. Most of the streets/roads have no fences. Thousands of people die every year when hit by these animals. For some reason it is allowed to continue year after year, why? Because some of the responsibility is put also on other party. They have been told to not to walk on middle of the road. ps. first I thought this was about Tiger and some 11yo asking for autograph after WD...
 We do not know how the timetables have been built in each tournament. This was ET/PGA event in USA, The Open was ET/PGA event in Europe. Different organizers, their rules. 11yo kid was in wrong place at wrong time, shite happens.
Rules of golf?
 How much is the x-factor at impact, still the same or 0 or something else?
 Why do they bring up x-factor if it is not the reason for Rory's long driving? For the nice graphics?
I bet anyone winning that tournament had to score same, net...
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