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 Nope, it would make you ... Dog...
 I meant why Spieth would have been worried about his ball moving? In any case he get to replace it anyway.
 Why would he be worried about that?
 From TheOpen: Mobile Device & Camera PolicyA strict policy will be in place to ensure play is not disrupted in any way.All devices must be in SILENT mode at all times Calls must be placed or received in approved designated areas, referred to as "Mobile Device Zones" No audio or video capture is permitted at any timeNo still photography is permitted on Championship Days Data use (e.g. texting, e-mail, website access, etc) is permitted throughout the golf course. Volume...
 Wind is not supposed to change for rest of the day. edit. perhaps it will change... forecasting the future is vague.
 Perhaps using VPN service and "relocate" you into UK... ps. BBC broadcast in UK (and rest of the world) starts at 13:45, which is in about 1h15min from now.
 Rule 1-2.
 Until this comment I thought you were honestly asking question, but it looks like you have an agenda.
I would rule the OB to end at the last stake and your ball to be in bounds. Players should not have to suffer from lazy marking.
So they played preferred lies. The procedure is the other way around, you first mark the ball and then either place or replace the ball (first one is more common). The tee is used to mark, not to tee up. Here is the specimen rule from Rules Book:
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