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 She said to Karen that she did not know about NYC making eagle, but she said she heard people talking that she needs to eagle the 18th. So she sort of knew where she stood.
 In Finland the National Golf Union has implemented four local rules which are in effect on all (couple of exceptions) golf courses in Finland. One of them is that "All distance measurement markings are immovable obstructions, relief according to rule 24-2." So even if you could remove them, better leave in place.
 Unless there is a local rule which states that these distance poles are immovable obstructions. Some (many?) courses have that in effect.
 And you were correct as the pitch mark was off green.
We have few framed cards from Challenge Tour on our club house wall, one from Peter Uihlein for example. So perhaps on ET (or CT) they are not that security minded.
 And so is Jack.
 Your fun is different than mine then, but that is ok too.
 I wonder if hitting yourself while dropping was a penalty then? It is not now. You are just required to re-drop. Aaron could have also re-dropped correctly without a penalty had his caddie reminded him.
 I am not so sure about this. Internal OB does not "look good", but other than that it is like normal OB, "you are not supposed to go there". Of course it may make course much tighter, but then play safer...
 True, why did I not remember that when this came up last year. Next time I meet him I will question him...
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