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 True, why did I not remember that when this came up last year. Next time I meet him I will question him...
 Friend of mine actually got a tee time to play there last summer. But unfortunately the week he was in Atlanta in July was extremely wet. Their plan was to play Atlanta Athletic Club on Saturday and Augusta on Sunday. Both courses were closed due to flooding. He was slightly annoyed, no rain check was given... He does not suggest playing there in July.
 Tom Kite was not that old in '97, only 3 years older than Phil at the moment. Other than that, I do not comment.
 Must be the forged clubs hindering...
 One (or three) examples of bad knowledge by head pro(s):  
 This is a good catch (as is 2-4/5). I missed that.
Rule 18-3 b: So you did correctly, but your opponent should have added one penalty stroke. So the hole result would have been draw. Too bad.
I think simulator is ok, as long as you play it as a game, not as a learning aid.
 If it has been marked as water hazard then you play it as water hazard. Very easy.
 How wide is the pond if you can not see the colour of the line (which should be yellow anyway)? But anyway, regarding the LR about the DZ. I do not understand why there is a need to state after how many shots you can use DZ. Why not rule that if the ball lies in water hazard (not the left or right lateral), you get normal relief or DZ, whichever you prefer?
New Posts  All Forums: