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 As I said:  I agree about "amped" though. But I guess in most sports (in USA especially) some sort of over testosterone/adrenaline thing is norm. As long drivers themselves say:
 Does not look elevated to me: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tHLuSWvIjVw Only elevated ones I have seen are those demonstrations done at stadiums. And wind machines? Come on.
 I never had a chance to play at Dirab while living in Riyadh. I played once(?) at Arizona Golf Resort 9 hole course where friend of mine was resident. I was total beginner that time so it was fine. Then I moved to Kuwait and joined Sahara Kuwait Resort. There I played for about one year and enjoyed it very much. The course was great, although lack of trees inside the horse track makes it look hmmm interesting. It is only 4h drive from Dammam... edit. Sahara is also...
 No-one really thought so, I am sure.
 Thank you for this. I got interested in this and read the First Deed (1857), the Second Deed of Gift (1882) and the final Deed of Gift (1887). They just talk about the Cup. I do not deny that it could have been referred to as America's Cup from very early stage. And later amendments (since 1956) to the Deed use America's Cup as a name of the Cup. There is no mention in the "rules" as far as could find, about calling it Finland´s Cup if we won it, unfortunately....
True, thx for the link.
 I agree, whatever worth it is Wikipedia has this (with some references): I did my extensive research (two clicks on ESPN), and found out that they 99.99999% use only The Open (Championship). Only in one "link hint popup", I saw British Open.
 Did he pass or was it just across ropes? Did it happen after 18th or actually during the round? So many questions...
Rule 6-6 give some urgency to sign the card without a delay. Also looks like organizers (tours?) have given instructions to not sign autographs before getting scores in.   Non issue, some tissue (for the kid).
 But he could be longer with better accuracy... 
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