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What if this guy was going to post it towards the HC? What if he would have noticed playing forward of tee markers only after hitting the tee shot and been even more gloomy after that...   Playing with strangers, after few holes they are not anymore that strange. You should be able to tell if they can accept comments and which kind of comments.   We usually joke (even with "strangers"), about someone teeing in front of markers. People are usually upset, but more about...
 I wonder why it would be like this? They still use yards on golf courses in UK I guess...
Wording of the definition leaves a bit to be desired: “Out of bounds’’ is beyond the boundaries of the course or any part of the course so marked by the Committee.    So if the Committee has not defined the course (and boundaries) there is no OB?
Definitions:The "line of play" is the direction that the player wishes his ball to take after a stroke, plus a reasonable distance on either side of the intended direction. The line of play extends vertically upwards from the ground, but does not extend beyond the hole. The "line of putt" is the line that the player wishes his ball to take after a stroke on the putting green. Except with respect to Rule 16-1e, the line of putt includes a reasonable distance on either side...
Yep, in this case OP was not on green.
So are you saying that you can use line of putt and line of play interchangeably?
 True, but you are allowed to touch line of play but not line of putt. So there is also some differences.
And to be clear, there is no line of putt when your ball lies off green.
Just noticed that many (most?) of the ladies wearing visors have ears tucked inside the band. FWIW
 Too wide band does not fit with hair do unless pulled down?
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