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If I understand correctly, when you say soft grass top, you're referring to the "Turf Top" as listed on this page http://www.p3proswing.com/index.php/comparison/   Mine is the "Commercial Grade Grass Top".  It comes with two courses, Desert Dunes and Highland National.  I've never actually turned them on, I've only used the driving range, but you can see in the picture with the USB dongle that it comes with those two courses.
Lowered the price to $450.  If there's no interest, it will be going up on ebay, and I really don't want to have to deal with ebay.
I purchased this package brand new in September 2011 for $800. I've only used it about 20 times due to lack of space in my house. Now, I'm unable to golf much due to wrist injuries, so I'm selling it for $450 + Shipping. I'm including the laptop that I use for free.  The laptop is nothing special, but is good enough to run the software that comes with the p3.   I'm in Lincoln, NE, so if you're interested and happen to live around here, I'd be happy to demo it for...
  I like to play from whatever tees make me actually use my low-mid irons for approach shots.  If I play from the far back tees, I'm constantly using a 3h or 4i trying to just get close to the green.  If I play from the front tees, then I'm constantly using a SW.  The middle tees are usually right for me because then I get a good mix of irons used during the round.  And sticking a ball in the middle of the green from about 110-160 yards out is one of the most rewarding...
An exciting 43 on the front 9 of the hardest course I play somewhat regularly.  I had one birdie via a 30ft putt, 3 pars, 2 bogeys, and 3 double bogeys.  4 GIR which is the best I've done this year.  The double bogeys were easy to fix mistakes, so I was pretty excited overall with my game.
  The phrase I kept reading after the masters was he had never had a "formal lesson".  That can mean whatever you want it to mean really.  I haven't had a formal lesson (i.e. one-on-one work with a professional) since I was 15, but I've received plenty of instruction through reading, recording my swing, and having friends that I trust critique me.
Lot of good ones in this thread.  The only real pet peeves I can think of are   People that yell profanities when they screw up.  I played with a friend once that did this constantly...he yelled loud enough for groups around us to hear.  I won't be playing with him again anytime soon.   People that want to compare their score to mine, but then don't count their score accurately or give themselves mulligans and whatnot.  I don't care what other people do during...
I played my first 9 of the year about a month ago.  Shot a 55 on a course I'd never played before.  It was pretty disappointing since back in october, I ended the year with some of my best rounds ever (42, 43, 47, 42).  I've rebounded well since that round and am back in the mid 40's.
Just this weekend, I tried recording my swing with my phone and then with a usb webcam.  I was trying to work on my hand position at impact, but both of those cameras were failing miserably.  I've been looking at casio zr100s on ebay.  I really wish there was a cheaper option to get to the 300+ fps range  
Just now saw this thread.  I got some true tours a couple weeks ago and have played 45 holes in them so far.  I'm a big fan of them.  My only complaint is that after walking a long 18 holes on thursday, my arches were pretty sore.  They're still even a little sore today.  I'm assuming this is mostly due to my feet being weak from using shoes with arch support all my life.  Anyway, these are the first golf shoes I've ever had where my toes weren't killing me after walking...
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