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-14 Rory McIlroy -13 Tiger Woods -15 Brandt Snedecker
Well Peter Hanson won and Im glad that i chose to follow him for a few holes on Friday. Great golfer!
Yes as youre saying, the lower compression golf balls are recommended for slow swings as you get more backspin. Also what i have found is the COR is higher which means the more efficient the impact is. Think of pulling back on a rubber band and letting go, it would fly farther than if you would pull back on a piece of string and let go. This is as more potential elastic energy is stored when objects are in the compressed state, hence upon releasing the rubber band, more...
For the collection of the data, someone else hit the golf balls. I tried to find a PGA player to hit the golf balls, however he was not able to come to the shop where they had the simulator. Even though, a swing speed of 130-140 is the average speed of a golf ball (including irons), for any shot. At a high swing speed however I did find research which supported my thesis where the higher swing speeds may not be entirely better suited to low compressible golf balls. The...
you have a point, just is interesting to see it live instead of on TV. For me watching a swing executed perfectly helps me identify what i might have to adjust in my swing like how far my backswin needs to be. But to my main point, who is an interesting golfer to watch?  
Glad you read it haha. Ok on many golf balls there is no number like 88 written on it, giving it a specific compression rating. You can find these statistics online, Ill post a link once I find it again. There is a limit to how much the ball can compress, but honestly it is no advantage to all players. For those with high swing speed, choosing a soft golf ball will compromise accuracy for distance. Pro V1 are softer than older balls, but have a compression rating in the...
yea Im looking to watch players to see where I can improve, as for the coming week Im going to play daily. Would like to put to practice some of the things I see  
No I was solely focusing on the distances achieved depending on the dimples. I hoped to have 0 side spin during my tests as this translates into maximum distance. It is a scientific paper so it may be a bit boring to some, but like you said, thats how they should be written. And further to youre point, I did think it was fairly average language backt then hahaha, but its also meant to be an essay that all can understand . Maybe skip to the conclusion, its a bit straight...
Not long ago I wrote an essay about the flight dynamics of the golf ball. Personally I found how the golf ball flies particularly interesting and how different factors influence this, and how varying factors can affect youre golf game. The research may only expand youre knowledge of the golf ball, and could help you to achieve a desired lower handicap. If youve got the concentration and time, I recommend reading it!    
Finally managed to go to my first golf tournament. Tomorrow I'm going to the KLM Open. Martin Kaymer, Simon Dyson, and Joost Luiten are several I am anticipating to see, but who else do you recommend I follow?
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