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What follows is an extract from the Wall Street Journal's Golf Journal, written by John Paul Newport:-     "I hit my drives 270 yards." Hah! Maybe once, with the wind behind you, on a rock-hard fairway, when the ball bounced off a cart path and a squirrel advanced it an extra 10 yards. On no subject are golfers, especially male golfers, more deluded than on the distance they hit their drives, with the possible exception of their attractiveness to beverage-cart...
Read this to find out. http://www.randa.org/en/RandA/News/News/2013/May/Drive-Distance.aspx  'Aint that the truth, from the guys who know.
Get anything with Polaroid lenses. All the light gets let in - essential for shortsightednessand accuracy of vision, but all the glare is taken out.
Try these guys - they are good. http://www.stargrip.com/index.html
Hold the club in your normal grip horizontal to the ground and with your lead arm fully extended, then bend from the hips (not the waist) by pushing you arse back until the club head is resting in a natural fashion on the ground in your address position. Voila.
Seems to me that you are getting there, although with lessons you might get there quicker. However, right now the ball is immaterial and the swing is paramount. You have recognised a weakness we all have in wanting to crush it and you will be able to do this more often if, as you say, you are focussed on tempo. That is not slowing the swing right down as the club head needs to be moving fast at impact and the faster the better if you want distance. Slowing down should be a...
Never, ever, alter your approach to the game to accommodate a poor swing. Focus only on improving your swing, forget your scores - right now they are irrelevant, and your game will show you the benefits in due course.
Front right, 4 tees of assorted size, two balls (golf), pitch repairer and ball marker. Front left, loose change and handkerchief. Back pocket, scorecard.
Its the ideal way to focus on your own golf game and not suffer the distractions of socialising when you really should be golfing.   However, bunting the ball around with friends is fun.   Depends on what you want to do on the day. Its your choice.
The previous two posters have nailed it.  
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