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Front right, 4 tees of assorted size, two balls (golf), pitch repairer and ball marker. Front left, loose change and handkerchief. Back pocket, scorecard.
Its the ideal way to focus on your own golf game and not suffer the distractions of socialising when you really should be golfing.   However, bunting the ball around with friends is fun.   Depends on what you want to do on the day. Its your choice.
The previous two posters have nailed it.  
Not easy to say without seeing you in action but a best guesstimate would be that you are flipping the club head towards the ball.   Try to keep the wrist position you adopt at address throughout the entire shot and play, theoretically as if you were, hitting a ball sitting immediately in front (on the target side) of the ball in play.
Perhaps we should all take a step back and ponder on the differences of "hinging and unhinging" through impact - totally destructive, and "bowing", a la Dustin's left hand, and "cupping", the opposite to bowing of the left hand, both seen often but without disastrous consequences at the top of the back swing - where nothing gets hit.   The right hand at the top of the back swing has to cup, assume the waiter's tray carrying position, but that starts almost from...
  Its a club face issue - simply, face open to the path of the club head.   You might find it helps you learn to square the club face (when you are on the range practising) if you deliberately set up with the face wide open . Your subconscious will come into play as you swing and you could experience dramatic improvement.   Give it a try. I have seen this work on countless occasions.
Our very own Holly Willoughboobie
I suspect your right hand grip tightening is taking over the entire proceedings.   Take your grip, as described in your post, then simple take your right thumb off the club - its easy to do and you can still make a normal swing.   See if this helps.
Cocking/Uncocking is a similar motion to hammering a nail. Vertical plane of motion.   Hinging/Unhinging is a similar motion to openning and closing a door. Horizontal plane of motion.   Cocking/Uncocking are essentials of a good golf shot.   Hinging/Unhinging are totally destructive to a good golf shot.
There is no acceleration through impact, although that should always be the intent.   The club head and ball impart an equal force on each other at impact and the club head is actually slowed down by this process and will not regain any speed lost.
New Posts  All Forums: