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Is this similar to using a broomstick?
Of course you are, it's a big word and chances are it's something you'd never do.Google it and I think you can YouTube "golf plyometrics" for some basic movements...I can pm you a ton of them.
It really depends on how you do the crunches, but you are correct in that crunches alone with not shed fat.But , it is possible to turn cardio in a fat burning exercise as well. I do (5) reps of 100 every morning and night. I've been doing this for over 2 years now and my heart rate still raises 20 percent and I always finish in a pool of sweat...
Thanks man, I edited it to be more clear. And yes, it is designed for fast twitch and with that comes speed and repeatability.The plyo that I do is not geared towards golf which may make it boring, but there are some companies that are showing some plyometrics actually using golf clubs.
Hey, I would like to give this to one of the older gentleman at our country club. He is a great golfer but always complains of grip pressure and wear... Thanks
Does it exist for you Jamo, lol. If I were a betting man I would say no. But keep following the crowd, it's mighty fitting of all your other post.And the OP was far more than that. I was offering to send my programs for free to anyone that wanted them, or you could simply look for less detailed ones on the Internet...
lol, people always seem to doubt what they can't do!
lol, if any of you are saying that crunches are bad it's more than likely because you aren't doing them right or just because you are too lazy all together. I do 500 crunches every single morning and night and they are absolutely necessary if you want to strengthen muscle fibers in the abs. The problem with crunches is that people over do them. But with the majority of golfers being fat and out of shape it's no wonder I get such flack on things like plyometrics in other...
All I'm trying to do is inform other golfers on plyometrics, it's pretty obvious from the pictures and videos that I see posted that the majority of golfers aren't fit enough or quick enough to consistently perform a repeating golf swing... So I now guess it's pretty easy to see why this crowd so far is having a hard time grasping this... But hey, you guys are probably already like me with 6% body fat and cat like reflexes... lol. And if it wasn't for me starting...
I'm not talking about the contents of the video, I'm referring to the angles of the camera view. I'd like to see the video from some down the line angles as well... It would be nice to see the actually hands coming to the inside, it would give golfers an idea of exactly how much the lead shoulder comes down and actually getting to see the plane in relation to the shoulder turn...No need to get so worked up.
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