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Gary Woodland, I think he has the best posture and swing in golf. Oh, and Tiger pre-soft spikes...
lol, thanks Sean...Some people think that just buying the expensive clubs will do the trick!
When you say closed, how closed? I use my rear leg and my rear leg only when choosing my shot selection. It's a lot more consistent to IMO to manipulate the leg than the arms during the swing. Try dropping the rear leg back 12" and move from there...
Lofts are not left/right hand specific. If they make it in left hand then you can be certain they will have it in right hand.
I think handicaps are way over rated, especially if you belong to a certain club where you play the majority of your golf. In my opinion.
     Ok, we all have our set-up routines and I can appreciate that. Well, today I played 9 holes with a local Senior PGA bound gentleman that I was fortunate enough to be paired with. I shot one over on 9 and managed over a long way off the tee and he was right around 260 and shot 4 under! Oh, and I hit 1 fairway and was in the rough on every one after that and he hit EVERY single fairway and green in regulation He was absolutely amazing. The biggest difference I saw...
Plyometrics... I have several workouts from my MMA training, but there are a few cookie cutter programs on the internet to get you started. Zenolink has some really good programs and I have many of my personal ones that I can share, but they are not as geared towards the golf swing, but any plyo will have the same end results...
First off, declare champ flight if you want the fairest competition. Anything flighted is a joke because most of these tournaments will let you turn in a handful of (made up score cards) to establish your handicap and flight...   As far as getting ready goes, YOU ARE READY MAN. Play your shots and your game and don't get sucked into playing the leader board or your foursome.   Best of Luck. 
I hit my 170 yard club exactly 170 yards... Lots of advantages to being "consistently" longer... Much better to have scoring clubs in your hands on long par 4's.
  I'm not a ReMax Long Drive champion, but my comfortable swing speed is around 118-120... I guess we are all different, but I just like the idea of hitting down. It seems to suit me and my game very well. And I also do not play the push-draw, I'm guessing my ball flight may be considered a pull-fade for a left handed golfer, I don't dare take my hands inside on the back swing because I just do not prefer that ball flight. I wish I could find Erik's ball flight diagram.
New Posts  All Forums: