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Not the best video, but it's decent enough to get you started. Hopefully this one will be redone after the changes are made to S&T...  
If you are not going to go after it, then why go after it at all...
I think he may be flipping,scooping, etc, not sure what the correct term is. You can tell in the video that the balls are picked clean with the exception of a few that he hit behind. Another clue is that pickers, flippers like to put the ball up on a plush hitting service and you will notice in the video he spends a lot of time in my opinion rolling the ball around. When you are hitting down you don't mentally need that fluff lie in my opinion.
Thanks for clearing this up Erik, I think I'll stick to the more control and less distance approach with the negative AOA.  
Why would you not continue with your negative AOA? It seems like we are talking about this in 3 or 4 different threads on this forum but I just do not understand the logic in changing it.   I'm a lefty, but I do not like dropping my left (rear) shoulder. In my opinion doing this can very easily change your angle if you are not careful causing you to lean away from the target to feel like you are dropping the rear shoulder. I like to feel as though I am tilting towards...
Thanks Poser, good read.
I thought Bubba had a negative AOA? I was under the assumption that hitting up created a higher spin rate. But then again I have been wrong plenty of times before.
I've never really thought that it matters much what a back swing looks like, but at :09 seconds it looks great! But then again I don't have all the fancy equipment to break the swing down.  
If you are a 1.5 then it's not your swing that needs to be adjusted. It's either your putter or between your ears.
  Great Post with great data to back it up...    I will never be convinced that having a negative AOA on irons and a positive AOA on Driver will ever be a good idea for my swing. I like the KISS approach.    
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