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That was a great post and very informative because I think we are very close to the same with what you are describing. While at the driving range today I was told that my driver swing looked very similar to Gary Woodward, so naturally I pulled up his youtube videos and he appears to be S&T weight forward and One Plane...   I will try and get some videos up soon of my NEW swing. But currently I am weight forward, but I DO NOT come inside with my hands. I am already long so...
Take everything out of your bag higher than a 6 iron. Play every round with half swings... You will not do this, but if you did I think it would pay off dividends. The biggest problem I see with high handicappers is that the higher the club the faster the swing...
There is a very nice course near me and I am waiting on their deals for Winter... :-)
This is where I guess that I get confused. I have a S&T swing so it is much easier to keep my weight forward with my irons. With my driver I also have my weight loaded on my front, but naturaly my arms,hands,club, etc have weight to them and they go back on the back swing so I do have a little weight that shifts back. I don't hit down into the ground with my driver, but I do feel as though I am hitting it right before the bottom of my swing arc...I'm hope this is not all...
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Hey, I can't figure out how to do this?
I swing my driver exactly like I swing my irons... I hit down on everything. The driver is a lofted club, so is it wrong to hit it like an iron? I usually have the driver in line with my lead ear.
Anyone know if there is live streaming coverage today?
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