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I honestly think technology is overrated in golf equipment and a lot of people thinks it's changing the game and I just do not see it. It would really be cool to see just how much the average handicap has changed among amateurs over the past 5 or 10 years... Just because the ball is longer, the head is bigger and the shaft is more accurate, they still have not came out with a club that will swing itself.
Again:   1. Tiger 2. Mickelson 3. Scott
I am so confused. If you are a 39 handicap and you hit it straight all the time, are you sure you are not hitting it the wrong way? And if you truly are a 39, then birdies and pars are the least of your concerns... I'm totally lost as to what you are even asking.   Please don't think I'm trying to be an ass, I just really need you to be more clear, that's all.
This popped up on my facebook page so I thought I would share...   http://www.efxusa.com/golf/?utm_source=FB&utm_medium=CPC&utm_content=G2025&utm_campaign=GolfFB
I could be wrong but I think he is referring to the shaft, which I'm sure you are aware due to kickpoint are more or less prone to spin. Correct?  
I think it's more about talent than time. I say keep your job and focus on your career, if you have the game for the next level then it will show.
I really need the book...  
In my opinion in no way whatsoever does this resemble stack and tilt. Weight Forward is the main Philosophy and there is just no way to do that if you raise your front heel 5-6 inches off the ground. But I'm also no instructor...
Check and see if there are any AimPoint clinics in your area, I have read a lot of good stuff about them...
Is this different for every swing? I am actually hitting down on my driver at impact. Not as much as with an iron, but right at impact I am hitting down...  
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