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Does the Golf Channel have anything streaming? 
I think a 260 yard par 3 is great for the tour. Golf is an athletic sport and every golfer on tour is capable of hitting at least one club in their bag 260 yards. And I feel that being an athletic sport, it should benefit the best, the most elite hitters in the game... I think 8,000 yards is a number that is not far away...
Is a "pitch" basically a flipping of the hands at impact?  
Hey Erik, I'm not very good at explaining what I do, but what problems do you see in what I explained... Am I doing something wrong or am I just explaining it wrong?  
Great video, I have never really grasp the difference between a chip and pitch until now. I think an easy way for me to pitch would be to visualize doing a floating hinge... Does that make sense?
Hey man, I have many post on this so it will sound like a broken record to many. Hinge and Hold on any shot inside 80 yards, that's all I do. Heck, I can hinge and a hold a flop shot!   HINGE AND HOLD AND FOR THE LOVE OF EVERYTHING HOLY... KEEP YOUR WEIGHT FORWARD!!!    
      Imagine if you were on a skateboard right now, you look as though your upper body is tilting away from the target and the majority of your weight is back causing you to ride a wheelie and keeps your head way behind the ball.   I use a skateboard as a practice drill, with a foot on each side I take my address and I'm ready when I have the rear wheels of the skateboard slightly off the ground and I have my upper body tilted towards the target which results in the...
I can't find any coverage at all on the Internet... Phil or Tiger will come away victorious!
My Feeling...   I played 9 this morning and and was committed to my S&T swing... I ended up 3 under and hit all fairways and greens in regulation.   I never really understood the TILT part until today. I have the feeling of getting my weight forward at address, well obviously my entire weight can't stay forward the entire time, but I kept that feeling in my head. Well, today i just had the feeling of tilting down towards the ball and my downswing felt like I was...
Does anyone know if there is live streaming coverage of Bridgestone?
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