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"would like to get some opinions on what my swing was like"I never took any lessons or really had anyone take a look at my swing. I don't know if it was good/bad or where I was going wrong. It would just be nice to know.
I forgot to add my username into the thread title but I can't seem to find the option to edit my post :/ Sorry!
  I've been Playing Golf for:​  Can't play anymore due to ill health this is my swing from a few years ago. My current handicap index or average score is: No idea, this swing was 2 years after I stopped playing so not at my best. My lowest handicap was 9. My typical ball flight is: Slight fade/straight.   The finish was due to me being conscious of the camera it's not usually that exaggerated! I know I don't play anymore but still love the game and would like...
Trust me, I find it all annoying.
Us poor spazzes :(
I got rid of Bubba Watson because of the religion thing. Not because he's religious, that doesn't bother me at all, he was just too in your face about it. Just STFU already.   As for politics, I dunno, it's nice to see how educated/uneducated the pros are when they're speaking their minds. Having Ian Poulter on Twitter has convinced me he's a bit dumb.
Most people walk the course in the UK anyway, I know the course I worked at only had 4 carts available. I can't play without one now so I'm going to be biased. Yay for carts.
There's no way in hell I will ever watch golf broadcast in the US again. I gave up on the PGA and went out for a beer. At one point we had commercials, 3 minutes of discussion, MORE commercials, then about 5 minutes of golf before the same commercials. If you can handle it without your brain internally combusting then you have my respect.    
Well, start playing again! Health dependant.   By the end of the year I hope to be hitting the high 70s again.
Guinness Book of Records doesn't really mean anything. They're fact checking isn't exactly journal standard.   Anyway, I purchased that Hammer driver and my wife came back to me. Then I divorced her for not being Jack Hamm. I'm not even gay.
New Posts  All Forums: