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I was B-Fit for Bridgestone TOUR B330-S golf balls.   1. Rory McIlroy -13   2. Jordan Spieth -11   3. Jimmy Walker -10
The Spinner shafts that Rifle makes for wedges made for a nice change for me.
Automotive touch-up spray paints. Lots of colors to pick from. Any auto supply place will have a lot of choices. Practice a bit on an empty beer can till you can spray a nice even coat that doesn't run. Might also want to practice your masking technique too.
When was the last time the grips on your clubs were changed? Old grips will tear the blazes out of your gloves and hands.
I know how good Tiger is. I know how great he is. The guy is amazing. Incredible. I completely respect him as a golfer. But I don't root for him like I did for Nicklaus, or Trevino, back in the day. Tiger is just cold, and robotic. I don't bond with him. I'd rather root for a human. Rooting for Tiger is like rooting for Microsoft, or Standard Oil, or AT&T.
I drove from Ann Arbor to Toledo once. Caught it really square and solid. It took me just over an hour... lol
I use the Winn G8 AVS XF, in the Black/Red combo. They're great. I don't have to wear a glove and I still don't get blisters or callouses. They feel great, and I can really hold onto the club. Cord grips rip my hands to shreds. Tour Velvets give me callouses. Softies wear out too fast.
I have a rangefinder--one of the less expensive Nikons, and I find it great. What I find it especially good for is the shots that are less than 110 yards. Am I 80 yards from the flag, or 65? Is it 40 yards to carry that trap, or 50? I find the sprinkler heads, and the tee-box yardages are fine for me for full shots. But I rarely find any yardages marked less than 100 yards from the green, and even if I do, those aren't yardages to the pin--they're to the center of the...
Hi Fisherdude, Yeah, I got hooked from the Golfsmith catalog too. The little online videos are a nice help, too.
So far, I've made the putter, and two fairway metals. I've only hit them at the driving range, but I'm very pleased with them. Even though the savings are substantial (much less than half the price of new name-brand clubs), the quality is very, very good. The shafts especially seem much better than what you get from manufactured clubs. It's not very difficult. All you do is order the parts, and glue them together. You need to have a vise to hold the club while you put the...
New Posts  All Forums: