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It won't fix your swing or increase distance. Better spend the money on more coaching and practice. It's the swing, not the club... Just my opinion.
Definitely play it!!!
I am currently using 9.5* driver. I currently drive on average 280 yards so swing speed is not a problem for low lofted clubs. I see lots of tour players using 13.5* (or 13*) and 18.5* (or 18*) fairway wood combo on tour. When do you know when to use the 13.5/18.5* combo rather than 15.5* (or 15*)/18.5* combo for fairway woods? Also, since I am using 9.5* driver, would the distance gap be better with a 13.5* fairway wood? I usually use the fairway off the deck...
I personally don't think they are draw biased.
I am located in S.E.A. so we get things cheaper than the US. No link but I can give you the phone number... But the shipping will be expensive... Scratch here unfortunately are sold for $200+ and can't get a hand on the cheaper ones.
Does Mizuno offer KBS Tour as custom options or did you goto a club fitter?
My new 2009 Vokey. $95.
My bad. Typo. Yes KBS... Haha...
Anyone tried? Feedback please.
In general, you can't go wrong with Mizzy irons. Just need to choose what is right according to your skill level. If you are split between MP52 and AP2, I would give slight edge to MP52 for feel and looks from the top. Otherwise quite equal.
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