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Dracula - Bram Stoker The Big Miss - Hank Haney The Dirt - Mötley Crue members autobiography
Hell yeah!!!Also shout out to those that like Maiden, AC/DC, early Metallica & Mötley Crue (just saw Mötley and Alice Cooper in Atlanta)Favorite all time Alice N' ChainsTop 10:- Alice N'Chains- Carcass- Seplutura (w/ Max Cavalera)- Opeth- Sodom- Slayer- Black Sabbath- Volbeat- In Flames- Crowbar
If it was on the putter face it would bother me. Otherwise, I personally would shrug my shoulders and move on.
Okay Rory Sabatini. :)
Could this be "straight back straight through"? :)
I agree with this as well. I would not spend a lot of money or time with this book. I wouldn't say the green reading section is worthless though. If you found the book lying around or found a used copy cheap the green section helped me. His short game bible is much better...IMO.* I do want to stress again that I developed the yips after trying to do Pelz straight back straight through technique and became so paralyzed trying to make the perfect stroke that I almost...
Thanks. Luckily no one has been that much of an ass yet. :)
* Asterix due to the chin putter. :)
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