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 True Blue is my favorite course I have played anywhere.Barefoot Love is great.Haven't played Grande Dunes but I have heard great things - playing there next monthTPC - didn't care for it that much...too much hype (Heritage, Tidewater, and Legends Moorland are can't miss courses that are far superior IMO)
Will brook :) A friend and I played there June 2013. We are low handicap players (5 and 7 respectively) and the guys we got paired with were really struggling. We were patient and never said a word. We got to a par 3 after a couple of holes. My friend and I were on the green about 10 to 15 feet from the hole on our tee shot. On of the guys sprayed two tee shots into the marsh. They told us they preferred we play ahead so they "wouldn't hold us up." We respected...
Well said. I know I can get around the course as a single digit handicap, but I have recently become frustrated with my inability to hit a draw. I stumbled upon this thread after seeing a clip from the recent matchplay event where they mentioned Scott Piercy's 10 finger grip. I am seriously considered the switch from my current interlocking grip.
  I totally don't understand how a round of golf takes 4 hours either.  Maybe our foursome takes 3 hrs 45 minutes if it is cart path only.  We usually play as a 3-someone and try to get one of the first tee times of the day.  We probably average 3 hrs 15-30 minutes.   I refuse to tee off after 8:30 am, because I know that the pace of play will be 4+ hours.  We actually have two courses that we frequently play at that will let you tee off 10 minutes before daylight.  It...
  I have had my Razr Fit Driver since June and I haven't had an issue with the sound.   My previous driver (Hibore XL) certainly sounded harsh.  That may be why the Razr Fit sounds better to me.
I think he is joking. I do find it comical to watch an athletic guy like Adam Scott use a putter that I associate with old men.
I'm jealous. I get to play 5-6 rounds a month. The handicap can be attributed to hours and hours of chipping on the carpet nightly. Sadly I can't retire for 26 years. So I'm stuck with weekend golf for now.
    Thanks guys...the wife just gave me permission to order 8 more boxes. :)
Is gppgolf a legit retailer?  I have seen a lot of sales 2 dozen for 55$ for the TP3
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