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Well said. I know I can get around the course as a single digit handicap, but I have recently become frustrated with my inability to hit a draw. I stumbled upon this thread after seeing a clip from the recent matchplay event where they mentioned Scott Piercy's 10 finger grip. I am seriously considered the switch from my current interlocking grip.
  I totally don't understand how a round of golf takes 4 hours either.  Maybe our foursome takes 3 hrs 45 minutes if it is cart path only.  We usually play as a 3-someone and try to get one of the first tee times of the day.  We probably average 3 hrs 15-30 minutes.   I refuse to tee off after 8:30 am, because I know that the pace of play will be 4+ hours.  We actually have two courses that we frequently play at that will let you tee off 10 minutes before daylight.  It...
  I have had my Razr Fit Driver since June and I haven't had an issue with the sound.   My previous driver (Hibore XL) certainly sounded harsh.  That may be why the Razr Fit sounds better to me.
I think he is joking. I do find it comical to watch an athletic guy like Adam Scott use a putter that I associate with old men.
I'm jealous. I get to play 5-6 rounds a month. The handicap can be attributed to hours and hours of chipping on the carpet nightly. Sadly I can't retire for 26 years. So I'm stuck with weekend golf for now.
    Thanks guys...the wife just gave me permission to order 8 more boxes. :)
Is gppgolf a legit retailer?  I have seen a lot of sales 2 dozen for 55$ for the TP3
I developed the yips after 5 years of playing golf. It was actually stressful ever time I had to make a putt that "counted". I went the claw grip and it saved me. I now can enjoy my rounds of golf without the fear of the yips. I don't really like the idea of anchoring a club to your body, but I would feel hypocritical to feel that long putters should be banned. However, I can't stand it when a player uses a long putter for the two club lengths. I want to punch Carl...
  I really like the TP3 ball too.  I'm in the process of stocking up on them as well.
New Posts  All Forums: