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I just switched to the XR Pro (from a Titleist 907 D2), still getting used to it but I like it.
LOL - I forgot to put the name as I was posting my list - that would be Arcadia Bluffs at just under 2 hours from Bellaire
Going back there have been a few: - Lanny & Bobby Watkins - Dave & Mike Hill - Brad & Bart Bryant - Hank & Kelli & Tripp Kuehne
Quote:I don't know, he hardly gets any coverage. Good thing they didn't show DJ/Rickie/Day as a feature group
Here are some other choices to ponder - all good to great courses, depending on your personal preferences   Forest Dunes - 75 minutes Hidden River Golf & Casting Club - 75 minutes Bay Harbor - 50 minutes Black Forest* - 45 minutes Hawks Eye* - 10 minutes Schuss Mountain* - 10 minutes   footnote: 110 minutes - longer than you want, but the most picturesque public course in the state   * - Note I have not played these courses, but they have been recommended to me...
the clear winner is golf   just be happy for it
I kinda wish that the PGA had made a pairing with Montie, Sergio and DJ the past, present and future best players to not win a major {sarcasm} that is more likely a US Open pairing, back when they used to do goofy stuff
Just wanted to say thanks to Callaway, mvmac & TST   Delivered on Wednesday, hit some at the range yesterday and hoping to put this into play over the weekend  
Not only do I pick them up if I find balls in the woods, weeds and rough - I take 1 stroke off my score for each ball found. I figure if someone had to add a penalty stroke for losing the ball that it only makes sense that finding a ball should mean deducting a stroke, right?
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