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So true - but then again so did the sound of my metal cleats walking across cart paths, in/out of the pro shop and back to my car.  But back to iron covers - how has some company not provided iron covers to a player, you know covers that would be yet another billboard. How much do you think a sponsor would have to pay to get someone to use iron covers?
Am I reading your sentence correctly - you and your wife each entered the Masters ticket lottery and each, seperately, had your entry selected to win tickets? Congrats, and I'm shaking my head as I'm at least 5 years into not winning the Masters ticket lottery.
Didn't see anything posted on this   So they WGC Match play format has changed completely. They are going play the first 3 days with 16 groups or pods of 4 player, each pod will play a round robin of matches to determine the top player in that pod. The winners of the 16 pods then advance to Saturday morning sweet 16 matches, with quarter finals matches on Saturday afternoon and Sunday will then have semi-finals in the morning and the championship match Sunday prime...
That is a good point - it would be an interesting study to compare year by year, going back to the beginning of the OWGR, and see how the rankings for tournament winners compared.  I think that to do a true study, someone would have to dedicate a great deal of time to look beyond just the tournament winners; as the statistics would be skewed by the years Tiger was #1 and winning multiple tournaments.
I'm going to call this a very close miss on 2015 being the year of the #deepfields. With 2 winners that were OWGR #297 at the time of their win (Paddy & James Hahn back-to-back), the Cejka wins in Puerto Rico as #285   and at the Valspar O'Hair get into the playoff and lips a winning putt all whilst being #400.   Maybe we need a contest to pick the top performer each week from those ranked over #250?
The only thing I've ever messed around with is crosshanded, but I might be willing to try it - but only as a tribute to this man  
I would have chosen option #3, were it available.   He will start at the Masters but somewhere along the way, after ugly numbers on a few holes, he will have to withdraw due to (back, glutes, neck, ???). Can you imagine trying to chip onto some of those greens with a case of the chip-yips?   Of the choices available, I picked he will play.
Golf (and all sports) are always moving on to the next young faces - so yeah it is in a good place.   Rory, Bubba & Jordan, currently, seem like the faces of the game; with lots of push from a whole contingent of others (Rickie, Moore, Reed, etc).   Sure there will always be a brief moment when a star from the past has a shining moment (Jack in 86, Ben in 95, etc) and although they are memorable, they are and will be just a glimpse at the past.   As they cannot hold...
If I Win I'll choose the Pure Undersize Pro/Blue to start my 2015 golf season with a PURE advantage!   Rickie Fowler -11   Bill Haas -11 Joost Luiten -11
Just saying that makes it look like they have something to hide.      
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