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I want to reiterate the making it a better experience for the fans; I read somewhere that a few pros stated it was surreal on a couple of holes that there were no fans.   I've not been to an Open, but I've been to regular tour events, a Ryder Cup and a PGA Championship and I can't imagine having holes that the fans are not able to get to.   Also the greens need to be at a point where they roll, I think they were in the condition they were in due to the dry weather but...
Yeah he needs a different trainer because???? I'm thinking his record shows he has enough game  - or are 4 wins (2 majors) and > $16 million in winnings in 2.5 years on tour some sort of statement that he needs to develop physically?
This is true     - except when he is not at his best
that seems rather amatuerish - I gauge my shots on the range in hang time vs. distance. Something like this -Driver - 3 Mississippi's3 wood - 2 Mississippi's and a Mississ3 hybrid - 3 Oklahoma's4 iron - 3 Virginia's5 iron - 3 Arkansas6 iron - 3 Florida's and then I have to practice my Tiger topped 3 wood and that is 1/2 of an Oh Shit
Quinton - I can't even read that. Paragraphs, how do they work???
Looking back, I seem to get my second denial between July 20th and say the 26th. Good luck to all, may you not get the denial
If someone can answer this question then I will be able to make a clear choice.   Will Rory develop injury issues later in his career due to the torque generated in his swing, ie will his back, knees, shoulders at 32 be able to handle the swing that he has as a 26 year-old?   Ah, who am I kidding, as much as I like what Rory brings to the game I have to vote for the 21 year-old thinking that him winning 1 or 2 majors a year for the next 12 -15 years will put his 30'ish...
I did a quick look, and when Cabrera won in 2007 at Oakmont there were 8 rounds under par for the whole tournament (played to a par 70).Cabrera opened and closed with 69s, Nick Dougherty 68, Paul Casey 66, Tiger 69, Stricker 68 and AK 67 were the players and scores under par for the 4 rounds.
I agree, $156 million is not a trivial difference.Take the other perspective, how would you justify not taking $156 million to keep the broadcast on NBC
I'm thinking about having a second/concurrent contest in which you can guess what % of the guesses made are "good" picks (meaning picks that follow the format rules, picks where the 2nd or 3rd pick have not been picked by others with a 1st or 2nd pick)....my off the cuff guess would be under 50%, maybe around 37.5%. The grand prize would be 1 mulligan for the first place guesser, and 1 gimmie to the 2nd place guesser.
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