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Not at his best - if winning tournaments and contending/maybe winning majors isn't his best then you really think that he could return to 2000, 2005 or even 2013.Winning and contending at this point would be awesome and certainly better than we've seen in a couple of years .... I think Tiger fans should perhaps lower the threshold of succes circa 2016 (and yes I said 2016 because his season for 2015 is just about over. Sad to see the free Live@ gone from pgatour.com, I...
Just don't pull a Danny Lee and forget which set of rules you are playing under
Larry Mize just wanted to agree with this statement. Although I'm not sure why you call it a lucky shot, it didn't bounce off a tree or a cart path, a sprinkler head or off someones putter on the green (Andrew Magee say's hello!)
The most impressive thing is that DiMaggio did not win the batting title that year, as it was the same year that Ted Williams hit .406; after winning the batting title in 1939 and 1940 Joltin' Joe "only" hit .357 in 1941 and Williams took the title.
I'm reposting this photo from another board, it was stated that this was Chambers Bay last week. Posting it to show how hard the USGA pushed the course, meaning not watering it, to make it play harder and faster than normal.     So I'd change my vote to; No, if you have to kill the course to play an event on it then it shouldn't be played there  
Different calendar on the European Tour - their season ends with the DP World Tour Champions in Dubai on 11/22.
while we are talking about "slams" how do you rate Greg Normans 1986 Saturday Slam - holding the 54 hole lead in all 4 majors after the 3rd round, and yes all in the same calendar year.   How awesome is that (note he "only" won The Open championship that year at Turnberry)   Would it still be a Saturday Slam if they were not all in the same calendar year?
It is interesting that the 2nd post in this thread (and I will admit I have not read all 9 pages) that says it is not a Grand Slam posts a reference in which the calendar year slam is called a "Single Season Grand Slam". So I guess that the calendar year thing is also defined by a modifier.   I'm not sure why or how something this stupid could get to 9 pages, but then again the Tiger <> Jack as GOAT thread is just under a billion views, a million posts, and hundreds of...
except that he has a lot of golf to play before even teeing it up on 17, I think he should concentrate on all the shots between 8 & 17 first
I'm just going to guess this is one of the banned, coming back with yet another name
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