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I can consistently hit a 3i very well, because I choose not to hit it from the rough/gunch...but I now typically carry a 3h instead because it is much more versatile in being able to hit it consistently from less than fairway lies.
      I love these thread, the above quoted posts are examples of why I think these are some of the funniest threads going. I also like it when someone tries to point out the rules, and the next person picks Rory, Kaymer & Tiger as their top 3 picks.
take that political crap to another board.......   guess what     next week gonna look like this  
I will take the counter-point and say it is an exciting future - to see how the tour evolves. It always evolves, no one wins forever. Is Rory going to continue to win majors & play on both sides of the pond?Will Rickie break through and start winning more & step up to win major(s)?Can Jordan Spieth live up to the hype that he earned as a 19/20 year-old? I picked Rory, because he doesn't need to fix anything to win the Masters.
Congrats - I just needed better Open weather (meaning rain/wind) to get my Rory -8 pick, or for Francesco play 10 shots better on Saturday.   Oh well, I'm sure I will enjoy my Bridgestone golf balls after the PGA!
John Singelton tied for low score today, for the players not making the cut.   He was not able to overcome the +5/42 that he shot on the back nine on day 1. Would have been a fun story for the media to cover over the weekend....loads more fun depending on who he could have been paired with.
the back nine was not kind to Cinderella....even par standing on the 12th tee, he finished with a +6 78.
nice thread!
"I was B-Fit for Bridgestone  Tour B330-S golf balls"   1. Jordan Spieth -13 2. Brian Stuard -12 3. Frank Esposito -10
Latest weather forecast (courtesy of wunground.com)     so, currently, it looks like Friday morning & Saturday is when rain gear will get a workout....no really cold days though.
New Posts  All Forums: