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Or you could just ban him.I typically like the banter, and a different point of view - but this poster adds nothing to the discussion and is posting the same thing across multiple threads. If not banned can you just restrict him to only being able to post in the meta-GOAT thead (or the strength of field thread) OK, thanxbye
I presume you are saying they would tee off at 7:30p east coast time, which they could totally do and get the round completed before dark.But there is no way that the USGA would want the final holes being broadcast after 10pm, let alone after 11pm.I think you will see the last groups teeing off so that they finish the tournament in early prime time.
Completed my application on Tuesday . . . . looking forward to my annual notices of denial in June and July
"I want outrageous speed with a Callaway XR Driver”!"   Jordan Spieth -6 Kevin Na -6 Brian Stuard -6     couple of things: a) I don't think the 2nd or 3rd picks rally matter because if I recall correctly the winner of these has always been a first pick b) lots of players still need to qualify
Quote:Very similar situation once, only it was a guy I was playing against.He hit it right up against a tree, only way he could hit the ball was lefty and that put him standing on the cart path.He took his drop & hit it right handed and was able to halve the hole....I remember it clearly, however I have no idea how our match ended; must have been 10+ years ago
good for Tiger     {waiting for someone to post Jack would have written 2 letter}
Brady's caddy is too busy under-inflating his golf balls pretty sure it is Keegans asshat caddie that we are talking about.
Do we need a separate thread to reminisce about how great Tiger used to be? Then we can keep all this crap out of the weekly tournament threads.   BTW - the next major that Tiger wins will be like Jacks win at Augusta in '86, all about nostalgia and how great things used to be.   Now back to The Players Championship - shaping up to be a great weekend. Local player from mid-michigan, Brian Stuard won't be playing on the weekend as he put 3 into the water on the back 9...
flipped a coin, it came up Texas - I voted Jordan
I am kinda disappointed that MAJ is not in The Players, as I was hoping for a Thur/Fri pairing with Keegan.
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