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1. My total score - 81 2. # of birdies (or better) - 2 3. # bogies - 5 4. # doubles (or worse) - 3 5. Final match play results (win/lose and score) against my sandbagging 4 hcp buddy (I get 2 strokes) - win 2&1
damitall - I went to look at the leaderboard and quickly realized it was Fri-Mon week on the PGA tour. Oh well more time to work today, I guess.
My initial reaction is 2h and a 52 degree wedge - I'm sure I could putt with the 19degree hybrid, and if I have to I can hood a wedge to about a 7iron.   Then again maybe the correct answer is to just hit the 7-iron, it's the only truly safe club in my bag
Can the thread title on this be changed to: "Those who can do, those who can't teach, those who can't teach commentate, those who can't commentate post on message boards"
I say that if Phil can play from the hospitality suite, then you can play from the next tee box; I can't find a specific rule or interpretation that makes this cross reference.
As a cautionary tale, there is a thread somewhere on this site, about someone who had their club close and he lost the benefits of membership. It sounds like a great deal, but if the club is under financial distress and they are hoping to raise some cash by doing this then my question is what happens if they don't raise enough?   Good luck with it, but I'd try to find out why they are offering that deal right now.
Huge disappointment heading into tomorrows final round - Phil gets a MDF, and doesn't get a chance to hit it from the hospitality suite for the third day in a row.
  Yes - now I can carry my entire wedge set with me (although I may need a separate bag) 
I am interested in this news - hoping they have a going out of business sale for their golf departments.
This will be mostly estimates, since I've played for 40+ years but this should be reasonably accrurate:   Michigan - at least 50 courses Texas - nearly 30 courses Calif - 4 NC - 9 Other - 5 So right around 100   I will pick up a hat, shirt or ball marker from a course I really like, but not something from every course. I have a collection of scorecards & yardage books, but mostly they are stuck in a side pocket of my bag.
New Posts  All Forums: