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I'm not sure how Tobacco Road is not on the list - it is the most unusual course I've played. With a stove pipe as the fairway marker on one blind drive, split fairways, blind shots and lots of rolling hills and elevation changes for a flat piece of real estate. It is a unique and fun place to play; however it is not for everyone. One of the guys I play with says that all it is lacking is a clowns mouth and windmill to hit through.
My question is - how does a limited field event (I'm guessing 2nd smallest - behind the Grand Slam 2 day affair) like this have OWGR points awarded for playing in it?   So based off last year - ZJ got 46 points for winning this, and 46 points for winning Hyundai TOC (also limited field but 30 players). Also, last year DJ got 2.4 points, the same as top 50 in a major. I can see why players play in it, especially those who reside in Fla.
I would show you a picture of my hole in one balls, but alas I don't have any   I did keep one ball from a couple of years ago - my 11 year old son, who had just started to want to play made his first birdie. I think it was a bigger deal to me then it was to him.
If you Woot! they have ProV1 and ProV1x today - for $15.99/doz, refinished.   I've only ever bought used/refinished to settle some stupid bets, not the play them - but if you like them is seems like a decent deal.   http://www.woot.com/offers/titleist-pro-v1-or-v1x-golf-balls12pk-36?utm_source=Daily+Digest&utm_campaign=22cde8f4d8-Daily+Digest+-+20141106+-+Woot&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_c5ca76da11-22cde8f4d8-279381206#tracked
That is what makes him the GOAT......{smirking}
are we still able to make a pick - I really need that David in Fl signed glove for my collection.   I'm going to say it is sometime during the Ryder Cup - say Friday 9/26 right around 4.54pm (EDT)
Gee, I wonder why Jack never won an WGC events?
Are you serious - Tiger made collerless shirts very popular a few years ago. And to the OP, I believe it is Jesper that you were meaning to include in your original post. He wore his hat with the bill flipped up, to allow more advertising space  Also how have JD and his Loudmouth outfits not been mentioned, some of those pants look like the curtains from cheap motels.
How can he be streaky when he isn't even playing....not playing is why I picked Rory
It would be interesting to see a summary of what club the pros are using there
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