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LOL at anyone for commenting about the evils of betting on golf. There are a million different bets that can be made on this fine game, and I've lost at most of them at one time or another.   My youngest son has taken up the game for fun and he has played some with me and a few buddies. My buddies have beer bet challenges and a standard beer bet on the last hole. Anyway my 13 year old son is playing 9 holes with me and says he wants to bet - so we make a beer bet,...
I followed her twitter acct, and will occasionally go to her website/blog.   She is way better, at times, than other golf writers
Interesting question - If I was setting the line I'd probably pick 142.5 (or even 139.5) because I think a lot of people would bet that he comes back and he plays well.   If I was betting I would likely take the over on anything up to 148, and I would hedge my bet by also taking the he WD's before finishing 36 holes
 How can you say he likes to sit around?              - after all he did invent Dufnering    
Sounds like a contest in the making . . . . pick how many holes and how many strokes Tiger takes at the Masters.
Where is he expected to get to? He is now #4 in the world (having 8 top 10 finishes in his last 10 events)
I'm reading this thread to find out which one of you hit me!   Years ago, caddying in the City Championship, we are waiting for the club pro to come out for a ruling on the 13th green.   As we are standing there, I get blasted in the ankle by some errant shot - so I'm using this as a bookmark to see who posts a story that matches up.   The rest of the story is that my guy won the match, and I got a pretty decent tip for the loop that day.
  That sounds like it is some sort of coded message - I wonder what they could mean
So true - but then again so did the sound of my metal cleats walking across cart paths, in/out of the pro shop and back to my car.  But back to iron covers - how has some company not provided iron covers to a player, you know covers that would be yet another billboard. How much do you think a sponsor would have to pay to get someone to use iron covers?
Am I reading your sentence correctly - you and your wife each entered the Masters ticket lottery and each, seperately, had your entry selected to win tickets? Congrats, and I'm shaking my head as I'm at least 5 years into not winning the Masters ticket lottery.
New Posts  All Forums: