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That is what makes him the GOAT......{smirking}
are we still able to make a pick - I really need that David in Fl signed glove for my collection.   I'm going to say it is sometime during the Ryder Cup - say Friday 9/26 right around 4.54pm (EDT)
Gee, I wonder why Jack never won an WGC events?
Are you serious - Tiger made collerless shirts very popular a few years ago. And to the OP, I believe it is Jesper that you were meaning to include in your original post. He wore his hat with the bill flipped up, to allow more advertising space  Also how have JD and his Loudmouth outfits not been mentioned, some of those pants look like the curtains from cheap motels.
How can he be streaky when he isn't even playing....not playing is why I picked Rory
It would be interesting to see a summary of what club the pros are using there
How do I know that these balls are conforming?   I don't see them listed on the conforming ball list - http://www.usga.org/conforminggolfball/gball_list.pdf   not that it matters, I'll just play them anyway...and likely send them to a watery grave (they did survive yesterdays 9 holes)
I received mine in the mail yesterday - have a 4:15 tee time today to test/lose them I think my full report to Titleist will include how they react to shanks, skulls, trees, and sand.     note: I will be keeping 1 just to display
1. My total score - 81 2. # of birdies (or better) - 2 3. # bogies - 5 4. # doubles (or worse) - 3 5. Final match play results (win/lose and score) against my sandbagging 4 hcp buddy (I get 2 strokes) - win 2&1
damitall - I went to look at the leaderboard and quickly realized it was Fri-Mon week on the PGA tour. Oh well more time to work today, I guess.
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