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Well to be fair, Tiger (and Rory) are playing against a field is deeper and has access to better PED's than Jack and Arnie ever faced.
Here is the PGA player page for Dan Olsen - he played on the PGA tour for 1 year, 2004.   http://www.pgatour.com/players/player.07939.dan-olsen.html/career   THere is no way he has connections, from 11 years ago, that would just tell him this stuff.
OMFG - Dave "Mad Dog" DeMarco is a small city local hack (I live about 10 miles from East Lansing), and Dan Olsen from here and is virtually unknown in this area.   I wouldn't put give any credit to what DeMarco says, and IMO Olsen has been off tour for years - so I can't see how he would be connected to anyone with actual knowledge, maybe he has an ax to grind, maybe he is seeking attention.
Seve is proud of his protege for making that shot
Are you taking into account that the field is much deeper and it is harder to win for Rory than it was for Tiger {wink}
get Butch, then call Stevie - put the band back together, bazinga - win majors
My answer is a definite no.   Also I do not think that this is colonization, when they are sending up a very small number of people  and they all know they will die there.
IMO - unless there is water, or an OB that comes into play then I would think that going for it is the play (as said before just don't Piercy/Leonard it if you beach it)
For me it is more about the company than an absolute score.   Best round ever  - playing with my younger brother and 2 of our uncles. I shot 1 over, best ball we shoot 3 under, and we won every bet, and it led to about 10 years of rematches. It was a great time. Or it could be playing with my sons; I taught my youngest son about making beer bets on the course - late in the round if we are both pitching or chipping to the green we will play closest to the hole wins a...
So now we know the user name for David Simms
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