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  Yes - now I can carry my entire wedge set with me (although I may need a separate bag) 
I am interested in this news - hoping they have a going out of business sale for their golf departments.
This will be mostly estimates, since I've played for 40+ years but this should be reasonably accrurate:   Michigan - at least 50 courses Texas - nearly 30 courses Calif - 4 NC - 9 Other - 5 So right around 100   I will pick up a hat, shirt or ball marker from a course I really like, but not something from every course. I have a collection of scorecards & yardage books, but mostly they are stuck in a side pocket of my bag.
I've played Forest Dunes several times - the most accurate statement so far is that is is in the middle of nowhere, hell it isn't even close to being near somewhere. They have a ton of land available, I think the development has changed ownership several times. They have a huge clubhouse, and have recently added on-site lodging; when I've been there the service and the food have been great.   One of the "unique" features on the course there now is that there are 19...
Yeah, for all they talked about FedEx cup points cut off, there was exactly 1 player who bumped into the top 125 based on this weeks tournament. Sang-Moon Bae moved up from 126 to 120, and the unlucky loser was Nicholas Thompson going from 123 to 126http://www.pgatour.com/stats/stat.02394.html Based on last year it is worth $38,000 to make it into the 125 (at least worth that) as the FedEx bonus was $32,000 for 126-150, compared to $70,000 for 101-125
Stuard having quite a front side to start the day @ -5 through 8 to climb to the top of the leaderboard (no jinx)
Yup - top nine are done after the PGA Championship. Everyone else is just playing from now until Cptn Watson makes his picks;  3 picks for Tom..(if Kuchar withdraws then Dufner is in, if Dufner withdraws it is Ryan Moore)...not sure what happens if the withdrawal happens after naming the 3 captain picks, but I'd guess if it is one of the 9 then it is the next highest rated player, not already on the team. The Euros play through August to accumulate points;a) top 4 on the...
While I understand inviting the winner of the event from the prior year, and they also should be a major winner - I would have liked to see Rickie get a chance to play in this. His major finishes this year is amazing; the only player to finish in the top five in all the majors in a year without winning at least one.
My second round this year was 52/38 - front side I couldn't hit anything, missed almost every fairway & green and saved no shots around the green; back side I made 2 birdies, was never in trouble off the tee, 1 sand trap on the back and saved a several pars/bogeys with chips or putts.
No thread? - burn out from the PGA Championship? This is truely a tweener event - between the last major & the FedEx cup events.   Only 10 of the top 50 in FedEx points are entered, and almost all of them from 109-180 are entered. Top 120 get to play next week.
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