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Interesting responses.  Play in a league for the chamber.  Our team is paid for by the company.  Thursdays @ 4:30.  Everyone on the team knows that if both machines are down, nobody will golf that day.  Has not happened on a Thur yet.  I'm 38, 2 others @ 22.  One at 40, and alternate at 39.   Most of the folks in the league are from the plant next to us and younger guys.  Not a good representative sample though.  South of I-10 in AL.  Lot more laid back down...
Bought the flatso 5 last night, and used it in the first league play event of the year today.  No practice, and was completely blown away.  Did not miss anything inside 10 ft.  Amazing, and did really not feel weird.  Almost impossible to get "wristy".
1 bottle of water 4 beers if playing 9 - will play to 9, then one for the ride home (on course).  6 beers if playing 18   Trying to capture the 3-4 beer buzz the entire round.   Football season, will bring a 12 pack and listen to pregame on radio   Golfed a few times with a box of wine, interesting effects.
Oh my, how times have changed.  McDonalds had a "General Lee" happy meal.  Does this really bother you? FTW, I am not a bubba fan either.
Pretty good thread.  I read about half, so sorry if this has been posted.   Take pride in your appearance.  Had a golf pro point out that I had on a collared shirt that looked like I was still in college, frayed collar, possibly some holes.  Untucked into a pair of shorts that looked like I had just done yard work.  Shoes covered in mud/grass.  Next round, showed up in a freshly laundered shirt, tucked into a nice pair of shorts, and cleaned my shoes.  1st time I ever...
I'm in Alabama (& you)....even though I have it, don't know how to use it. Just have this hang-up, can't watch sports after they already happened.  I'm the only person in the world who has not seen a replay of the IB. Personal goal is to be so rich I can watch golf and play golf at the same time.  Any techies around?  I do own an I-pad? With daylight savings, will probably play and just catch the last 10mins.  Duff & Tiger in a playoff.  Someone yells rtr in Duff's backswing.
I made 5 posts in the South Alabama golfing thread.....so there.  I only post about what I know about.  (not golf)   Let me think of a good thread.
Watch Dufner tomorrow or play a round?  Tough decision.
 Thanks.  I have never been right or given good advice on any message board before. You are going to be a in a beautiful area, but not really close to anything. There is a Tacky Jacks about 5 mins away.  I don't go that far down Ft Morgan road often.  All I can advise is the rest of Gulf Shores.  Everything will be close to the same, can't really go wrong with fried seafood. The Oyster House - excellentShrimp Basket - I eat here about 1/wk.  Get out for $10 personMikee's -...
 Ok....you are about 20 mins from Gulf Shores.  You will pass two courses on your way to where you are staying.  Peninsula and Gulf Shores Golf Club.  Both are about $50 after 3.  GSGC might be $50 after 12.  I have never played GSCG, so cannot give any advice. Let me know if you need some eating recommendations.
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