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Way to hot in Alabama right now.  From a friend who lives in the area, over 100 heat index, no fans in attendance, and they cannot get any volunteers. 
Congrats on your natty.  What will that Dr. Pepper guy do now? Minus the price, golf is simply not cool anymore.  It will take another TW to get the fringe folks interested.
Golf is a rich man's game, always will be.   The riddle is, want more folks to play, but then complain about slow play.   I don't have the answer.
You too! So many times I see folks pissed off as they are loading their clubs in the car. Listen, unless you are getting paid to play golf, have fun.  My son (3) all he wants to do is play ball.  We have a blast.
Probably not good enough to give a good response, but I like the firm feel.  I try to use the rule of 12 (13) when chipping, so I don't want the ball to check up.  Putts feel the same.  All guess work outside of 5 ft anyway.
Love dirty country while playing.  Certain songs get me fired up to make a shot.  Played with my son today, and work phone has no songs   Technology is getting so outrageous, my best friend basically has surround sound.   2 posts in one day, prob a record!
I play Top-Flite's D2 Straight, for no other reason than I like the price and the box. (blue)   I pick up NXT's, and give the Pro V1's from my yard to my buddies, who have no business playing them.  If I can finish hole # 1 tomorrow, with an NXT, I will break my record.  54 holes with the same ball.  Old record a TF Straight.
Objects in the rear view mirror might appear closer than they actually actually are.
Me Best Friend Dufner Steve Spurrier
Been playing with some friends of my brother on a weekly basis recently, and they asked me the same thing.  Told them some observations.   Chip with something other than a PW/SW. Quit taking soooo many practice swings.  1 max, 2 on "feel" shots Quit lining up putts from both directions. Play more than you practice.    The best piece of advice though that got me over the hump.  Act like you care.  Tuck in your shirt.  Play in clean shoes.  Assign a place in your bag...
New Posts  All Forums: