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Funny, how many times I have heard "Pro's don't just stand and reload and pound balls..."  "Pro's go through their routine on every shot..." "Pro's always have some sort of alignment aid out...".   Obviously they don't.  The best pro of them all is standing there reloading ball after ball doing none of the "Pro's only...".   Now, he's 1 or 2 best all time, so yes he can do that and be fine.  But that's not the point.
This is a screen shot from a Trackman session with Poulter as seen in this video:   In the red circle it displays, in yards, how far away the ball ways when Trackman was last able to track it.  253.9 yards away in this case.  Definitely more than 4-6 ft.    
Hit 3 wood instead of driver off the tee.  That'll leave you 70 yards out.
Can't believe everything you read on the internet.  Actually have to do some homework of your own.     Euro Tour wasn't around when Jack started so only 10 of Jack's wins count as Euro wins as well. http://www.europeantour.com/europeantour/players/playerid=138/wins/index.html
If you click on the link I include in my first post you will see the list of Tiger's 40 Euro wins.  Straight from the Euro Tour website.  You will see 31 WGC/Majors listed.  These are co-sanctioned events by both tours so both tours list them in their tour win totals.
Not really as you just pointed out that you tripled counted Tiger's majors (PGA + Euro + Majors).  So take another 14 off Tiger.  And it's back to Jack. I don't care who it is.  You just insist that the numbers don't lie.  So it's Jack.  As the numbers don't care how old someone is or who qualified for what and when.  The numbers are the numbers.   And they are the numbers you provided for your argument.  You can go ahead and try and rejustify them after they are proven...
Massive problem is that you didn't check your work.  The Euro tour wins in effect double count all of Tiger's WGC's & Majors. http://www.europeantour.com/europeantour/players/playerid=218/wins/index.html     Sooooo......if you want to take away 31 of those Euro tour wins then by your own argument parameters, Jack is the greatest.   As you said, the numbers don't lie.
One question for you, when you use the balancer and mark the line.  Have you taken the ball out, spun it around randomly and then rebalanced it.  If so, did it come back to exactly the same line you marked before?  I ask not because I am not a believer, I am not in either corner, yet.  But it seems like a simple test to do with multiple balls multiple times to see if there is something to it or not.  If the balancer doesn't return the ball to that same line every time...
How was the pricing in comparison to other iron shafts?   As for issues with the driver shaft, I find that some people didn't follow the recommedations of the inventor and hence didn't get the best performance out of the shaft.  For instance, the inventor states that the optimum length for the driver shaft is 43.5 or 44" and definitely not over 44.5".  Shorter for a wood.  I see a lot of people playing it at their normal 45.5 or even more and they are surprised when...
The club is fine.  Use it all you want.  Having the club in contact with your body above the elbow isn't allowed as I understand it.  Kuchar only runs it up his forearm.
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