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What you have there on the list is the easiest to the toughest if you run them down from the top to bottom. Theoretically, MP-52 is the easiest due to its pocket cavity and cavity (they call them as pads) hence the dual-muscle marketing term. While the MP-57 is just full cavity back irons. MP-60 and 62 are half-cavity. The point is the more cavity they have, the easier they are to use. The MP-52, I believe, is more advanced than G5. In regard to long term use it's all...
I wouldn't call MP-67 not a pure blade. It's a blade but with Cut Muscle technology (as they say in marketing term). If you think that Cut Muscle provides forgiveness, well I urge you to think again (or just try it yourself). If in fact somehow it does, I'd say very little to none.If you're looking for better deal you can find MP-32's price should be more reasonable by the end of the year.In addition to what 907golfer12 said, Mizuno doesn't go all the way in paying each...
There are 4 new products from Mizuno, which are MP-52, MP-62, MX-100 & MX-200. If you're looking for one that plays somewhere along the lines of the G5, I think you should give the MX's a try. Umm...MP-62 perhaps? But don't take my word for it. Demo as many models as you can and find the "one".
I agree with both of you. I've hit my friend's MP-57 although it's easier than MP-60, but still you can't put a crappy swing into them.
Well if you go to Europe's Mizuno website, two MP lines that aren't there any longer are MP-32 and MP-60. So, I don't think 52 is a replacement for 57. Besides, 52 is pocket cavity and 57 is full cavity back, not exactly apple to apple.
I think AP2 is more comparable to MP-52, not MP-57. Definitely big difference between the 62 and 52. From what I've noticed, the specs of 62 is higher (closer) to 67 than 60. In other words, MP-62 is tougher to use than MP-60.
Mine is Pasatiempo Hole #12. Very lushful and surrounded by a lot of trees, which reminds me all the time never to aim there.
Unfortunately, it'll be much more pricier than regular version only because it has that little circled T logo.
Albatross (double eagle) is when you score -3 on one hole. But lower than that (-4), I have never seen nor heard about it....until now. Perhaps someone needs to make a new thread titled, "Have you ever had a Condor?" I bet it won't be as many as hole in ones.
I thought Nike had a team (or at least someone in Nike) to do all Tiger's clubs? Hmm...
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