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Yea I just heard Faldo change his mind...that statement was made based on what he said earlier...so I retract that statement.
You guys are nuts.  He didn't admit to breaking a rule.  He admitted to moving the ball back 2 yards like it was no big deal.  If he intentionally broke a rule to gain an advantage, do you really think he would talk about it so nonchalantly?  Absolutely not.  He was obviously playing under 26-1, keeping the line from the hole to the water...he obviously confused the rule.  He didn't lie and say he was trying to play the ball as close as possible to the original spot.  He...
Well I Paused each shot from the ESPN video.  Put them side by side.  The ball was MAYBE a couple feet behind his original divot.  I didn't see his drop but it is possible it bounced back a foot or too.  Watch the video...its not that far away from his orginal divot...and if it was dropped near his divot it is within the rules. 
Can Erik tell me what hole he is talking about?  You don't explain what hole you are talking about
what hole are you talking about?  15?
explain the "DQ"
The penalty on Guan was ridiculous.  It isn't consistent with what they have done for other players.  If he was on the 6th hole MAYBE...but on the 17th?  Makes no sense based on what they have done in the past.
Tiger Woods -17 Dustin Johnson -17 Rory Mcilroy -17
I agree 100%.  I would much rather have a beer with Tiger.  Phil reminds me of David Sims from Tin Cup (Relax...I'm not saying he hates old people and dogs).  Phil just seems a little fake....maybe he is just a nerd, I don't know.  But I like Tiger as a player and I like his persona.  He has obviously done some bad things in his personal life but I really couldn't give to sh**'s about that.  I like him for his game and on TV he seems like someone I would like to have a...
New Posts  All Forums: