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Work on putting. I accept Paypal.
I've been putting the best in my short 6 years of golf during this past summer due to a similar stroke.  The only difference, even though I will agree that I use a more, right-handed controlling stroke, is that I focus on hitting up, trying to produce the forward roll to find the cup.
I've battled heel shots, shanks for awhile now. I've tried all the standard fixes, but the fixes were only temporary. This past week I went with a friend and asked a question about trying to hit the toe of the club, because I just couldn't do it for the life of me. He suggested I try getting my right arm(I am right handed) more active during the downswing. I immediately began hitting middle of the club out to the toe. While before, all of those temporary fixes I had tried...
Gotta work on camera angles. Need momentum moving to your front foot. To ingrain this I used to: Address the ball as normal, then pull my left foot back to my right(rear) foot. Swing to the top and step into the ball and swing simultaneously. Swing easy and don't actually hit the ball Then do the same thing, but hit the ball. Hit a few this way, then try to bring your weight shift into a normal swing with feet planted. Just never go full baseball mode!
Learn to hit the driver, don't be Tiger Woods.
I'll give you the other option. Use driver, swing hard, just make good contact and aim left side of fairway and let it fade in.  =)
I'd work on your right hand position.  Get it to more of a neutral position, rotate right your right hand knuckles counter clockwise.  Also, too much bend and pull from that right arm.     You seem to be the left image and need to look more like the middle.
Yes, the right arm has been the key.  Figured this out a few days ago messing around at the range. Had a terrible session at the start and realized I wasn't going to get any different result trying the same thing over and over.  So at address with about 5-6 balls to go I felt my right arm solid and I felt my swing again. Went out and played a local muni 2 over.  Had 4 early bogeys due to not committing to swinging through the ball and ending up short. However, my left...
Maybe early on group lesson is ok. Just to learn basics, but I would suggest individual lessons sooner than later.
What's your game like?  I wouldn't necessarily say stay away from stiff shafts yet just because you're new.  What did the professional fitting you mention?  If you're fit( by this I take, athletic) then without seeing your swing I'd say you want to go with stiff.  If you're already pretty decent(scoring under 100) then think clubs you can play for awhile and improve into.  Unless you're planning to buy new sticks rather soon after these once you see improvement.
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