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My vote is for Adam Scott.
Well Said. Next to not fixing ball marks people not raking bunkers drives me crazy. Its not that hard, it only takes two seconds.   
Hey, it happens to the best of us. I've been there many a time. I shot a 78 on week and than an 88 the next on the same course. Thats golf! It even happens to the pros. Padraig Harriangton shot a 61 followed up by a 73 at the Transitions Championship. Happens at all skill levels. 
Where did you get the clubs from? Hopefully it was a reputable dealer or they could be counterfeit. There is a lot of counterfeit golf stuff nowadays. Just a thought.
Check out globalgolf.com. I bought my irons from them a few years ago. They have some good deals on used clubs and are in good condition. I have some Mizuno MX-23's and love them. Here are some links for...
Congrats!!  Part of the reason you broke your record is due to the unseasonably warm weather we've had. 60's in January?? Yeah, I've only made it out once...so definitely jealous.
Driver - 240 3 Wood - 215 19* Hybrid - 190 4 Iron - 185 5 Iron - 175 6 Iron - 160  7 Iron - 150 8 Iron - 140 9 iron - 125 PW - 105 51* - 85 56* 70
Mizuno Grad's. Hands Down!
LOL!! That was awesome!!    
WOW! That's an incredible deal. I hope that catches on around the country.
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