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I'm a 17 year old 9-10 handicap golfer. I played last sunday beautifully, but when i played 9 today i was pushing or slicing nearly every shot. i havent really sliced in over a year and a half. Anyone ever experienced this or have any advice? (p.s. i made this account about two years ago hence the name chronicslicer)
last time i only hit 6 greens and still shot a 77. gir isnt a good inficator. scrambling is tho
l recently changed my swing from crossing the line at the top of my swing to a more laid off position. Now im not as consistent and i sometimes i have a big fade/ slice. Any tips how to prevent this.
you hit the ball wrong. You cant tell it but your grip changed at impact
well the title says it all. Im a 12 handicapper and can hit really great shots but am inconsistent. Any drills or tips to help fix it?
I'm not sure if this is the right thread to post this in, but i was wondering back in the day when Harry Vardon was playing how long were golf courses then.
i have the exact same problem. no idea what to do
I started golf at the age of 7. But quit but took it up again about 2yrs ago. My short game is decent but my slice is making my long clubs inaccurate and losing extreme distance. How do I close my club face Everyonce in a while I hit it perfect and a lot of times I can have a nice fade but I want to be able to hit it straight. Any tips or drills.
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