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I just stumbled across this kit you can buy.  Looks like it would be fairly simple to replicate at home.  Put some masking tape on the club face and paint a line on a ball.  Maybe not giving you exact measurements, but at least giving you an idea if you are too flat or upright.  Anyone know of other ways to do this?   http://www.golftek.com/lit_docs/LieDetector.pdf
Lots of them dealing with golf balls...   - Never use a "water" ball when teeing off over/around water hazards.  That's giving up before you even start. - Never putt into a hole with a ball already in it. - Never use a yellow or orange ball. - Never use a ball that you just found during a round you are currently playing. - Never wash a ball and then use it right away at the tee where you washed it. - Never mark a putt with any coin less than a quarter. -...
He's a super technical golfer.  The way he finishes shots with the club perfectly over his head and parallel to the ground is crazy.  I think I'd slice everything if I did that.
Nice free swinging.  I agree you've got some good movement in your lower body, but maybe get a little more athletic of a stance for those drives.
I realized a long time ago that hitting 180 balls on the range doesn't add up to much for me.  I get one regular bucket.  I hit the first few balls with a pitching wedge at the 75 yd target with a short swing.  Then I push my wedge up to 100 yds with a full swing.  Then I'll usually go through some of my irons for a few shots each.  After that I'll play a few imaginary holes.  Then work on my fairway wood off the deck (my worst club) and then do 5 to 8 drives.  I always...
Go Ping.  Only for the fact that 1 out of 2 people I see on the course have Taylormade golf bags and clubs.  Even the 12 year old kids with their golf bags on their backs say Taylormade.  It's a conspiracy I tell ya!
Yes, Hell's Point is a little gem, I forgot to mention it.  It's pretty close to VB National and Signature.  I haven't played there in some years though, so don't know the current condition.  It's a Rees Jones course and you want to stay on the fairway at all costs.  Lots of woods and it was built basically in a swamp.  That's the nice thing about the general area (southern VB).  You have Arnold Palmer, Fred Couples, Rees Jones, and Pete Dye courses all within 5-10...
I had been playing with a set of Ping Eye 2 clubs from 1987.  I just recently switched to Ping i3+'s.  I'm very glad I switched, but really miss the Eye 2 sand wedge and 2-iron.  I still bring one of them sometimes.  That 2-iron is a laser beam off the tee.  It has a perfect ball flight and goes exactly where you aim it.  Overall I like my i3+'s better though.  The Eye 2's were lofted higher, but I still get more distance with the i3+'s at the equivalent lofted club.
I have always heard you are supposed to stand behind, but far back out of the tee box in order to watch the ball flight.  It never bothered me and I've never had anyone say I was standing too close.  What if the person you are playing with is a lefty?  Is everyone supposed to go around to the other side of him so he doesn't see you?  That's ludicrous.  Stand behind and well out of the way unless the player says otherwise.
That is exactly why I dropped a 3 wood.  I can hit my G10 4 wood off the deck or tee with confidence.  My old 5 wood went way too high off the tee.  I thought I needed a 7 wood, but I think I need a hybrid.  Somewhere around 21-23 degrees.  I play a 13 club bag and drop in an extra putter or driver or 2 iron or (the 5 wood which I never use). 
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