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FIR's -  This is what Tiger needs.  He's great at getting out of trouble, but not after a long layoff.  230yd hooks around trees are not what you want to be doing after not playing for so long.  I'm sure he's been practicing chips and putts enough.
My worst rounds are usually not my highest scoring.  It's more about my mental state going into and during the round.  I shot a 94 a couple of months ago at my usual course and was super pissed off, because I started with a 42 on the front.  I shot an even 100 at the Arnold Palmer course near me a few weeks ago and was good with it.  It was a much harder course and that damn Arnie knows where to put the sandtraps - and there's a lot of them.  Afterwards, having a drink...
I've only played one of his courses once, TPC Virginia Beach (now VB National), and did surprisingly well there.  Didn't seem too crazy to me or maybe I was just on that day.  I liked it well enough.
I would like to play it, but sure as heck not from the tee boxes the pros use.  That would get ugly quick.  I'd think $600-$800 would be a fair price to play that course.  I think if I had the choice though, I'd rather watch the pros play live on Sunday at the Masters instead of me hacking it up on a Monday afternoon in August.
I found that I hit my 17 degree 4-wood about as far as a 3-wood.  I also can hit my 4-wood off the deck much better, so I dropped a 3-wood all together.  I used to carry a 2-iron that I used off the tee a lot, but not anymore.  What I'm missing is a club to hit a high shot ~200 yds for long par 3's.   I hit the 4 wood too long and too low.  Might look into a 6 or 7-wood, but seems to be a real specialty club that I might not use for much else.
Hi Jim.  I have sometimes wished for an earthquake when I leave a putt on the rim of the hole, but after seeing that picture, I won't think that anymore.  Welcome.
Ya, I agree it is one of the better courses in the area, including the others I mentioned.  Most of the other courses in VB are older and shorter.  The closest course I live to is Bow Creek, which is a typical city course, but cheap.  Normally go the driving range there mostly.  I play Honeybee, Stumpy Lake, and Redwing mostly I'd say.  Redwing is way overrated and overpriced in my opinion, especially for a city course, but I've got friends who like to go there.  If I...
Good info and thanks everyone.   I was obviously wrong in what I thought, which isn't the first time and I'm sure won't be the last.
Ok, I see what you mean.  Not OB, I guess.  Definite water hazard straight ahead though.  The ball actually crosses the yellow line twice.  Once at the front of and once at the back and not playable.
I live in VB and have played there once.  Pretty nice overall, since it used to be a TPC.  It is definitely long, but I think the other close by courses (Arnold Palmer's Signature and Heron's Ridge) are harder.  Not that harder is necessarily better, especially for me.
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